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Defeat app killers and monster VM performance issues with ease

By Ryann Burnett 28 Aug 2019

VM troubles got you down? Never fear: Some solutions to VM performance problems are as easy as looking in the right places and asking the right questions Read More

Windows XP's built-in administration tools

By Serdar Yegulalp 19 Aug 2003

Take a look at the various administration tools built into Microsoft's latest desktop OS. Read More

How do you build Windows Server 2019 cluster sets?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 15 Mar 2019

Microsoft debuted cluster sets in its Windows Server 2019 release. Here's a rundown on how to deploy this high availability feature in your organization. Read More

With Packer, VM template creation is easy

By Dan Franciscus 20 Aug 2019

Templates are the quickest, easiest way to deploy VMs in vSphere. You can use a free tool such as Packer and a builder such as vmware-iso to automate the creation of VM templates. Read More

Hyper-V vs. VMware comparison: What are the differences?

By Brien Posey 30 Aug 2019

Hyper-V and VMware are in a perpetual battle for supremacy in the virtualization market. Although the two hypervisors have similar features, capabilities are somewhat different. Read More

4 Windows Server 2019 storage features to ease management

By Kristen Gloss 16 Apr 2019

Microsoft includes storage features in Windows Server 2019 to ease migration and create highly available and scalable software-defined storage in data centers. Read More

How to navigate Windows 10 update problems

By Erica Mixon 27 Mar 2019

It's often a hassle for IT admins to manage and control Windows 10 updates. Follow these tips to make the Windows update process as smooth as possible. Read More

What to know about Microsoft's new Windows Sandbox mode

By Robert Sheldon 01 May 2019

Windows Sandbox is Microsoft's integrated Windows 10 sandbox environment to test applications and files in isolation. Learn about the new program and its features. Read More

Server Core vs. GUI: Is Server Core ready for prime time?

By Kristen Gloss 20 Feb 2019

IT Director Christopher Rivers says the Windows Admin Center is a step in the right direction to boost adoption of Server Core, but administrators will still encounter challenges. Read More

Understanding the three main goals of PowerShell Core 6

By Kristen Gloss 13 Mar 2019

The book 'Learn PowerShell Core 6.0' offers a closer look into the history of PowerShell and its evolution into the PowerShell Core open source project. Read More