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Virtualization cost-savings methods for IT administrators

By Brien Posey 19 Apr 2019

The biggest costs in any virtualization environment tend to be licenses, hardware acquisition, support and maintenance, so that's where you should look for ways to reduce expenses. Read More

Set up users with key PowerShell Active Directory commands

By Richard Siddaway 26 Feb 2019

User management in Active Directory doesn't have to fill you with click-induced anxiety. Try these PowerShell tips for a more efficient way to get this work done. Read More

Microsoft ADK for Windows 8.1 arms IT with Windows deployment tools

By Diana Hwang 12 Jun 2013

With the ADK for Windows 8.1, Microsoft has armed IT administrators with the tools they need to deploy the future Windows 8.1 in the enterprise. Read More

VM automation strategies and benefits for sizable workloads

By Stefani Muñoz 10 Jul 2019

Before automating VMs, admins must consider several factors, such as workload size and cost efficiency. Otherwise, automated VMs can cause issues rather than yield benefits. Read More

Got infrastructure needs? These PowerShell tutorials can help

By Tom Walat 29 Mar 2019

From streamlining remote sessions to setting up an SSL certificate, these PowerShell tutorials show IT admins how to get more done with the management tool. Read More

What are some common Windows Server 2019 SDN errors?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 19 Feb 2019

The complexity of setting up and managing Microsoft SDN can increase the risk of administrators facing common networking errors that are difficult to troubleshoot. Read More

Multiserver administration and more with RSAT in Windows Server 2012

By Serdar Yegulalp 28 Sep 2012

Microsoft's Remote Server Administration Tools received an update in time for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. What's new? Read More

How to add MDT applications with Chocolatey package manager

By Dan Franciscus 01 May 2019

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit allows administrators to install applications during deployment. Here's how IT can simplify the process with Chocolatey's command-line input. Read More

Unified endpoint management tools enrich the user experience

By Kevin Beaver 25 Mar 2019

A well-conceived and well-executed UEM strategy that prioritizes UX can improve cross-platform capabilities, system access and ultimately worker productivity. Read More