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Snow Software SAM expands Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe support

By Sabrina Polin 08 May 2019

Snow Software's SAM platform has expanded to include new compliance and manageability capabilities for Microsoft Windows, Oracle and Adobe Creative Cloud. Read More

Unlock storage savings with Windows Server deduplication

By Brian Kirsch 29 Nov 2018

Windows Server comes with a data deduplication feature to reduce the organization's storage crunch, but it's important to plan around some potential drawbacks. Read More

Multiserver administration and more with RSAT in Windows Server 2012

By Serdar Yegulalp 28 Sep 2012

Microsoft's Remote Server Administration Tools received an update in time for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. What's new? Read More

Hyper-convergence forms core of Windows Server 2019 features

By Jonathan Hassell 16 Nov 2018

The latest server OS release from Microsoft upgrades many of its software-defined features to make it easier to use a hybrid cloud model. Read More

System administrator resources you'll actually use

By Kristen Gloss 30 May 2019

The learning resources available for IT administrators are more plentiful than the technology that admins manage. How do they sift through the inundation of information? Read More

Microsoft Windows Sandbox not a fit for all enterprise playgrounds

By Eddie Lockhart 31 Jan 2019

Windows Sandbox integrates directly into Windows 10, which makes it easy for IT and users to work with, but could spell trouble for organizations. Read More

Implement SQL Server security best practices in 4 easy steps

By Lindsay Moore 14 Nov 2018

Managing SQL Server security doesn't need to be difficult. These four best practices from Microsoft MVP and author K. Brian Kelley can help DBAs keep databases secure. Read More

Stay in control with these Active Directory basics

By Kristen Gloss 30 Nov 2018

Administrators have an ever-increasing number of resources to handle and permissions to track, but they can cut this seemingly impossible task down to size with Active Directory. Read More

Windows Admin Center unlocks Server 2019 features

By Tom Walat 26 Sep 2018

Not just for troubleshooting, Windows Admin Center helps admins unlock the full potential of the latest Windows Server offering. Read More

How does Azure Update Management handle integration?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 15 Jan 2019

Azure Update Management works with other Microsoft administrative tools to give IT pros a more complete offering to patch operating systems. Read More