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Multiserver administration and more with RSAT in Windows Server 2012

By Serdar Yegulalp 28 Sep 2012

Microsoft's Remote Server Administration Tools received an update in time for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. What's new? Read More

Check Office 365 usage reports for user adoption insights

By Reda Chouffani 30 Jul 2019

Microsoft gives administrators access to many Office 365 reports to pinpoint ways to improve user adoption rates and tighten up potential security leaks. Read More

Windows 10 customizations for enterprise desktops

By Robert Sheldon 04 Feb 2019

Microsoft offers different services that IT can use to adjust its users' desktop experience. These Windows 10 customizations are a must in an admin's toolbox. Read More

Explore Docker vs. LXC through the lens of a three-tier app

By Alastair Cooke 29 Aug 2019

Containers are not small virtual machines, and they're not all the same under the hood. To make smart deployment choices, understand the nuanced differences between container types. Read More

April Patch Tuesday closes 2 zero-day exploits

By Tom Walat 09 Apr 2019

In addition to Microsoft's fixes, administrators should patch holes in several Adobe products to keep attackers from creating havoc in their systems. Read More

Discover details on unified endpoint management

By Gary Olsen 18 Jul 2019

With the prevalence of mobile devices in the enterprise, companies need solid technology to manage them. UEM tools consolidate all endpoints together to ensure they are secure. Read More

How well do you know open source PowerShell Core?

By Kristen Gloss 25 Jan 2019

Do you know how PowerShell Core differs from Windows PowerShell? Find out with this quiz on the open source PowerShell management utility. Read More

GKE, Azure roll out Windows Kubernetes support

By Beth Pariseau 21 May 2019

Cloud service providers rolled out Windows Kubernetes support this week, which may take some of the burden of Linux container management requirements out of the hands of Microsoft-only shops. Read More

Use PowerShell printer management for quicker setups

By Dan Franciscus 24 Jul 2019

Don't fiddle with printer configurations and tiresome upkeep work from the GUI when you can automate a lot of the tediousness with PowerShell. Read More

How to conduct proper AWS vulnerability scanning in 3 steps

By Sharon Shea, Rob Shapland 19 Aug 2019

Cloud vulnerability management can be complicated. Learn how to perform AWS vulnerability scans under the shared responsibility model. Read More