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Mimikatz tutorial: How it hacks Windows passwords, credentials

By Peter Loshin 01 Mar 2019

In this Mimikatz tutorial, learn about the password and credential dumping program, where you can acquire it and how easy it makes it to compromise system passwords. Read More

GitHub Enterprise upgrade eases team development

By Darryl K. Taft 24 Jan 2019

Enhancements to GitHub Enterprise help enterprise developers schedule, automate and administrate tasks, as the company adjusts course under Microsoft's watch. Read More

If you're not using Windows Sysinternals tools, you should be

By Margaret Jones 19 Nov 2013

Windows Sysinternals tools can make work a lot easier for IT administrators, but many people don't even know the suite exists. Get with the program! Read More

Check SQL Server Query Store performance impact before using

By Lindsay Moore 20 May 2019

Many IT teams hesitate to use SQL Server Query Store due to performance concerns. Consultant Andy Warren offers tips on how to test and get started with Query Store. Read More

Taking stock of Windows Server management tools

By Kristen Gloss 02 Jul 2018

Microsoft provides a mix of server management tools that administrators can choose from to control the machines that run the business. This comparison can help steer your decision. Read More

Workspace management hype vs. reality

14 Mar 2017

Workspaces promise to make users' lives easier by bringing all of their corporate resources into one place. For IT, new workspace management tools from large vendors aim to ease the administrative burden as well --... Read More

Working with the VSCode PowerShell extension

By Dan Franciscus 11 Oct 2018

PowerShell ISE remains one of the more popular PowerShell editors, but admins should explore the capabilities of VSCode if they want to manage more than just Windows systems. Read More

How to deploy a Windows Server 2016 domain controller

By Stephen J. Bigelow 28 Sep 2018

Follow these tips to create a domain controller in Windows Server 2016 with these instructions, from server setup to adding users. Read More

Considerations for choosing enterprise mobility tools

By Yuuki Nishida 15 Apr 2019

Mobile device management may be long gone, but IT pros still have many options to enroll, secure and manage their organization's fleet of mobile devices. Discover what the options are. Read More

Why do admins need both powershell.exe and pwsh.exe?

By Tom Walat 23 Oct 2018

While the PowerShell development team wants IT to move on to the newer PowerShell version, the powershell.exe executable will remain to avoid breaking changes. Read More