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Weigh VMware Workspace One pricing against its benefits

By Robert Sheldon 04 Jun 2019

VMware Workspace One is one of the leading workspace products, but it can be a steep investment. Determine whether the price tag will be worth it for your organization. Read More

What to do when you can't deploy an OVF template

By Stuart Burns 28 Feb 2019

Invalid certificates can keep OVF-based VM deployments from working properly. Luckily, admins can work around this issue by logging into the host or using the OVF Tool application. Read More

Compare the pros and cons of container management tools

By Brien Posey 28 Feb 2019

From the ever-popular to the obscure, evaluate different container management options based on the user interface, documentation, ease of use, available features and integrations. Read More

Hackers scan for MySQL ransomware targets

By Michael Heller 29 May 2019

A security researcher found that malicious actors have been scanning database servers for MySQL ransomware targets running on Windows, but mitigation should be relatively easy. Read More

Q&A: Will Microsoft artificial intelligence change your job?

By Kristen Gloss 17 Jan 2019

Technical architect Jason Wynn says the data center is already on the path to a more autonomous future due to the acceleration of Microsoft artificial intelligence efforts. Read More

5 Windows 10 security settings to tweak

By Dan Franciscus 18 Feb 2019

Desktop security is crucial, and the default settings of Windows 10 can leave organizations vulnerable. Here are a few changes to ensure that Windows 10 is as secure as possible. Read More

Windows Server 2003 management tools: Remote Desktop for Administration

21 Apr 2005

Remote Desktop for Administration is one of the new server features in Microsoft's management initiative for Windows Server 2003. Find out what benefits it offers. Read More

Market evolves to address container security issues

By Paul Korzeniowski 14 Mar 2019

Container use is gaining traction in virtual environments, but containers present unique security challenges that vendors and organizations must overcome. Read More

'Triple threat' malware campaign combines Emotet, TrickBot and Ryuk

By Mekhala Roy 03 Apr 2019

Cybereason sounds off on the recently discovered 'triple threat' campaign and highlights interesting features of the attack technique used by cybercriminals. Read More

Use Puppet for Windows ops automation with dsc_lite

By Dan Franciscus 11 Dec 2018

With DSC and dsc_lite, as well as a native option, users operate in Puppet within the familiarity of PowerShell settings. Here's how each approach works. Read More