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Windows Server 2003 management tools: Remote Desktop for Administration

21 Apr 2005

Remote Desktop for Administration is one of the new server features in Microsoft's management initiative for Windows Server 2003. Find out what benefits it offers. Read More

Workspace management hype vs. reality

14 Mar 2017

Workspaces promise to make users' lives easier by bringing all of their corporate resources into one place. For IT, new workspace management tools from large vendors aim to ease the administrative burden as well --... Read More

Get to know third-party Windows 10 migration tools

By Brien Posey 08 Nov 2018

IT professionals should look to third-party migration tools during a transition to Windows 10 to provide any features that the native Windows migration tools do not. Read More

Pros, cons of cloud-based IAM from Google, IBM, Amazon

By Robert Sheldon 22 Feb 2019

Amazon, Google and IBM all provide IAM tools with a cloud subscription. But before IT commits, it's important to evaluate the pros and cons of these free services. Read More

Virtual application delivery methods to know

By Yuuki Nishida 05 Apr 2019

It can be intimidating to choose the best virtual application delivery method. Take a look at the different options to determine the best one for your organization. Read More

Unlock storage savings with Windows Server deduplication

By Brian Kirsch 29 Nov 2018

Windows Server comes with a data deduplication feature to reduce the organization's storage crunch, but it's important to plan around some potential drawbacks. Read More

What container management software features are important?

By Brien Posey 27 Feb 2019

Because containers are easy to spin up, the infrastructure can quickly get out of hand. A tool that simplifies container management can help, if it provides certain capabilities. Read More

Hyper-convergence forms core of Windows Server 2019 features

By Jonathan Hassell 16 Nov 2018

The latest server OS release from Microsoft upgrades many of its software-defined features to make it easier to use a hybrid cloud model. Read More

10 steps to troubleshoot enterprise wireless connection problems

By Lisa Phifer ,Lee Badman 13 Aug 2019

When troubleshooting wireless network issues, several scenarios can emerge. But valuable end-user insights can help network administrators root out problems. Read More

Windows Admin Center unlocks Server 2019 features

By Tom Walat 26 Sep 2018

Not just for troubleshooting, Windows Admin Center helps admins unlock the full potential of the latest Windows Server offering. Read More