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Use Puppet for Windows ops automation with dsc_lite

By Dan Franciscus 11 Dec 2018

With DSC and dsc_lite, as well as a native option, users operate in Puppet within the familiarity of PowerShell settings. Here's how each approach works. Read More

What are the Windows Defender management tools?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 03 Jul 2018

If you're using Windows Defender AV to protect your company, it's imperative to configure the malware protection properly. This tip lays out the management options for admins. Read More

Find the best data integration tools for your organization

By Rick Sherman 01 May 2019

Read analysis and comparisons of data integration tools to help you select the right platform from the leading commercial and open source products currently on the market. Read More

Five reasons Microsoft RDP printer redirection is not working

By Brien Posey 27 Mar 2019

Windows printing problems are a pain. If you have printer redirection issues with the Remote Desktop Protocol in RDS, check user permissions, client requirements and more. Read More

Hyper-converged integrated systems crucial to long-term HCI success

By Robert Sheldon 22 Feb 2019

No HCI platform exists in a silo. Learn why hyper-converged systems must communicate, interact and integrate with third-party management tools and the wider IT infrastructure. Read More

IT administrator 2.0: Adapting to life in the automation age

By Stuart Burns 14 Nov 2018

As the use of automation becomes increasingly pervasive in enterprise IT environments, systems administrators need to adapt and update their skills to remain relevant Read More

Pick up basic Git commands with a hands-on tutorial

By Stuart Burns 09 Jul 2019

To get things done in Git, know your commands. Open up the version control system and replicate this quick tutorial to learn how to run crucial inputs. Read More

Uptime and availability: Making sense of supplier SLAs

By Stuart Burns 14 Jun 2019

Enterprises need to read the fine print of supplier service-level agreements (SLA) or risk finding themselves caught short during downtime incidents Read More

GandCrab ransomware: How does it differ from previous versions?

By Nick Lewis 19 Dec 2018

A new version of GandCrab was discovered by researchers in July 2018 and involves the use of legacy systems. Learn how this version differs and who is at risk with Nick Lewis. Read More

How can synthetic clicks aid a privilege escalation attack?

By Nick Lewis 24 Jan 2019

An Apple security expert introduced the concept of synthetic clicks, which can bypass privilege escalation defenses. Find out how this new attack technique works with Nick Lewis. Read More