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Implement SQL Server security best practices in 4 easy steps

By Lindsay Moore 14 Nov 2018

Managing SQL Server security doesn't need to be difficult. These four best practices from Microsoft MVP and author K. Brian Kelley can help DBAs keep databases secure. Read More

Taking stock of Windows Server management tools

By Kristen Gloss 02 Jul 2018

Microsoft provides a mix of server management tools that administrators can choose from to control the machines that run the business. This comparison can help steer your decision. Read More

Healthcare cloud induces benefits in storage, security

By Reda Chouffani 06 Aug 2019

Healthcare sees value in vacating the premises and migrating to the cloud for lower maintenance costs and better storage, disaster recovery, security, AI and analytics. Read More

Stay in control with these Active Directory basics

By Kristen Gloss 30 Nov 2018

Administrators have an ever-increasing number of resources to handle and permissions to track, but they can cut this seemingly impossible task down to size with Active Directory. Read More

Consider VDI alternatives to major VDI vendors

By Robert Sheldon 07 May 2019

VDI options from smaller vendors can help organizations simplify and save money on implementation. Here are three cost-saving VDI alternatives to major vendors. Read More

How does AttackSurfaceMapper help with attack surface mapping?

By Peter Loshin 05 Sep 2019

A new open source pen testing tool expedites attack surface mapping -- one of the most important aspects of any penetration testing engagement. Read More

How to deploy a Windows Server 2016 domain controller

By Stephen J. Bigelow 28 Sep 2018

Follow these tips to create a domain controller in Windows Server 2016 with these instructions, from server setup to adding users. Read More

10 ways to prevent computer security threats from insiders

By David Bianco 23 May 2019

Whether via the spread of malware, spyware or viruses, insiders can do as much damage as outside attackers. Here's how to prevent computer security threats from insiders. Read More

Microsoft Windows Sandbox not a fit for all enterprise playgrounds

By Eddie Lockhart 31 Jan 2019

Windows Sandbox integrates directly into Windows 10, which makes it easy for IT and users to work with, but could spell trouble for organizations. Read More

Working with the VSCode PowerShell extension

By Dan Franciscus 11 Oct 2018

PowerShell ISE remains one of the more popular PowerShell editors, but admins should explore the capabilities of VSCode if they want to manage more than just Windows systems. Read More