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Simple steps can tighten Windows 8 security

By Kevin Beaver ,Jonathan Hassell 17 Dec 2014

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are arguably Microsoft’s most secure operating systems yet, but desktop administrators still need to understand how their new features work. Enterprise IT must also address persistent ... Read More

Prepare for VM-to-cloud workload migration

By Ryann Burnett 05 Dec 2018

Migrating VMs to the cloud can be relatively straightforward if you lay the groundwork to meet workload and vendor requirements. Follow these steps to prepare for the migration. Read More

How do I keep Windows Defender definitions current?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 19 Apr 2018

Administrators in charge of keeping antivirus software up to date have a few options to protect their servers. Learn about the methods and services to use with Windows Defender Antivirus. Read More

Three tools enable DevOps for Windows shops

By Adam Bertram 18 Jun 2018

DevOps isn't just the domain of open source Linux experts. These three tool options tailor DevOps to how Windows applications and systems operate. Read More

What's the best way to achieve Hyper-V security for hosts?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 29 Nov 2018

Hyper-V security is complicated, but you can set the foundation of your security strategies by following a few best practices, such as simplification and encryption. Read More

Microsoft Project Honolulu shows promise but needs work

By Richard Siddaway 09 Apr 2018

Microsoft Project Honolulu is still in the technical preview stage, but it needs to resolve a number of issues before it's a viable alternative to manage production machines. Read More

Create Vagrant boxes with Packer for rapid IT environment builds

By Dan Franciscus 22 Jan 2019

Vagrant boxes enable IT admins to test infrastructure updates in production-identical QA environments. Follow this Vagrant tutorial to build a machine and export it to a Vagrant box. Read More

How does Microsoft RemoteApp server-based virtualization work?

By Robert Sheldon 18 Dec 2018

With RemoteApp, users can access virtual apps that reside in a data center or in a cloud-based VM rather than locally on their devices. The app still behaves as though it's local. Read More

Options for server management tools expand to meet IT needs

By Richard Siddaway 14 Feb 2018

Not only do admins have to contend with a mix of server OSes, there are diverse scenarios to complicate their management. Learn about the tools worth exploring for administration. Read More

VCenter monitoring enables granular troubleshooting

By Brian Kirsch 11 Jul 2018

Combine vCenter logging and performance metrics to troubleshoot virtual systems. Hypervisors might add complexity, but they also offer new levels of insight. Read More