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SonarQube tutorial: Get started with continuous inspection

By Cameron McKenzie 11 Aug 2018

Consider this popular continuous inspection tool. In the first part of this SonarQube tutorial, we'll show you the seven deadly SonarQube metrics. Read More

Best practices for using PowerShell ISE for scripting

By Adam Bertram 28 Sep 2018

Administrators who want to break into PowerShell scripting need to work with an editor for a more effective workflow. Learn how to edit and manage scripts with PowerShell ISE. Read More

How to start using Ansible for Windows management

By Adam Bertram 24 Aug 2018

Ansible is a configuration management offering that runs on Linux but controls Windows systems with PowerShell. Find out how to get the tool running in your data center. Read More

Manage host, VM access with a Hyper-V administrators security group

By Nirmal Sharma 16 Nov 2018

Use Hyper-V roles to limit users to predefined levels of access. By creating security groups and managing them with PowerShell, you can implement role-based security at scale. Read More

How the SaltStack architecture enables config management at scale

By Adam Bertram 01 Feb 2019

SaltStack's one-to-many communication model enables it to manage configurations in massive IT deployments without network strain. To get the most out of SaltStack, understand ZeroMQ. Read More

Tough sample GitHub interview questions and answers for job candidates

By Cameron McKenzie 31 Jan 2019

If you're a developer in search of a DevOps job, you'll need to address these Git and GitHub interview questions and answers. And don't forget about distributed version control systems either. Read More

Deploy a VM from a template with VMware PowerCLI

By Dan Franciscus 28 Dec 2018

Quickly create and deploy VMs from templates using Packer or PowerCLI rather than doing so from scratch via installation media. This helpful how-to walks you through the steps. Read More

MS Activation Server Issues Temporarily Negate Win10 Licenses

By Ed Tittel 09 Nov 2018

When MS Activation Server issues temporarily negate Win10 licenses, consternation reigns for a few hours. A couple of simple fixes will set affected PCs straight, though. No biggie! Read More

Manage Windows 10 desktops, mobile devices with EMM software

By Robert Sheldon 25 Apr 2018

Windows 10 supports crucial functions that enable enterprise mobility management. IT must follow a few important steps to prepare desktops for management through EMM. Read More

Which Windows Server deployment features work best with HCI?

By Robert Sheldon 11 May 2018

There are features in Windows Server 2016 that are specific to hyper-converged infrastructure, but many of the more basic functions also can be used to customize and improve HCI. Read More