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Three tools enable DevOps for Windows shops

By Adam Bertram 18 Jun 2018

DevOps isn't just the domain of open source Linux experts. These three tool options tailor DevOps to how Windows applications and systems operate. Read More

10 endpoint security products to protect your business

By Linda Rosencrance 23 Apr 2019

Check out this product roundup and discover all the features endpoint security protection offers, such as patch management, email protection and reporting. Read More

Options for server management tools expand to meet IT needs

By Richard Siddaway 14 Feb 2018

Not only do admins have to contend with a mix of server OSes, there are diverse scenarios to complicate their management. Learn about the tools worth exploring for administration. Read More

How bring-your-own-land attacks are challenging enterprises

By Nick Lewis 27 Nov 2018

FireEye researchers developed a new technique called bring your own land, which involves attackers creating their own tools. Discover more about how this works with Nick Lewis. Read More

CLI vs. GUI: Find the right admin tool for various scenarios

By Richard Siddaway 09 Mar 2018

Standard Windows and Linux command-line utilities oftentimes have niche, yet important functionality not available in GUI tools that require IT workers to make custom workflows. Read More

VCenter monitoring enables granular troubleshooting

By Brian Kirsch 11 Jul 2018

Combine vCenter logging and performance metrics to troubleshoot virtual systems. Hypervisors might add complexity, but they also offer new levels of insight. Read More

Prepare for VM-to-cloud workload migration

By Ryann Burnett 05 Dec 2018

Migrating VMs to the cloud can be relatively straightforward if you lay the groundwork to meet workload and vendor requirements. Follow these steps to prepare for the migration. Read More

The top 5 unheralded Windows Server 2016 features

By Brian Kirsch 21 May 2018

Windows Server 2016 is still a novel operating system for many administrators. Check out some of its new and enhanced features that might have slipped under the radar. Read More

What's the best way to achieve Hyper-V security for hosts?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 29 Nov 2018

Hyper-V security is complicated, but you can set the foundation of your security strategies by following a few best practices, such as simplification and encryption. Read More

Bevy of Microsoft containers range from cloud to captive workloads

By Adam Bertram 11 Oct 2018

Windows wasn't always an ideal environment for containers, but recent changes offer a wealth of options, including those for Windows Server and the Azure public cloud. Read More