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Why is Docker's container approach so important?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 23 Jul 2018

The name has become synonymous with containers, but there are other container management tools available. Read More

What are the top Windows Defender features in Windows 10?

By Alexander S. Gillis 25 Sep 2018

Windows Defender includes several features IT pros can use to tighten security. Application Guard, for example, isolates browser sessions to defend against internet-based attacks. Read More

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops gets UX, security upgrades

By Jesse Scardina 27 Mar 2019

Citrix continues to add new capabilities to its cloud products, but getting consumers to adopt as-a-service offerings remains a hurdle. Read More

Getting started with AWS Tools for PowerShell

By Dan Franciscus 04 Oct 2018

Want to make a move from on-premises systems? The AWS Tools for PowerShell module builds on your knowledge of handling Windows machines and carries it into the Amazon cloud. Read More

How does Microsoft RemoteApp server-based virtualization work?

By Robert Sheldon 18 Dec 2018

With RemoteApp, users can access virtual apps that reside in a data center or in a cloud-based VM rather than locally on their devices. The app still behaves as though it's local. Read More

Windows Compatibility module expands PowerShell Core reach

By Richard Siddaway 29 Apr 2019

The PowerShell team closed the cmdlet coverage gap with a compatibility module release for PowerShell Core, but its use requires some caution. Read More

How a domain-specific language affects configuration management

By Walker Rowe 20 Aug 2018

Learn a domain-specific language -- it's easier than French! A DSL's programming style enables administrators to operate with more precision and flexibility, but don't write off YAML yet. Read More

Create Vagrant boxes with Packer for rapid IT environment builds

By Dan Franciscus 22 Jan 2019

Vagrant boxes enable IT admins to test infrastructure updates in production-identical QA environments. Follow this Vagrant tutorial to build a machine and export it to a Vagrant box. Read More

SonarQube tutorial: Get started with continuous inspection

By Cameron McKenzie 11 Aug 2018

Consider this popular continuous inspection tool. In the first part of this SonarQube tutorial, we'll show you the seven deadly SonarQube metrics. Read More

Microsoft acquisition of FSLogix to help push cloud desktops

By Eddie Lockhart 20 Nov 2018

FSLogix can help Microsoft solve problems that have plagued the integration of Office 365 and virtual desktops, and it will immediately benefit the new Windows Virtual Desktop. Read More