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Try this Chocolatey tutorial to pick up Vagrant provisioning for Windows

By Dan Franciscus 21 Nov 2018

To install a Linux-based tool on a non-Linux machine, at least one intermediary tool is necessary. On Windows, use the Chocolatey package manager for a smooth process. Read More

Five reasons Microsoft RDP printer redirection is not working

By Brien Posey 27 Mar 2019

Windows printing problems are a pain. If you have printer redirection issues with the Remote Desktop Protocol in RDS, check user permissions, client requirements and more. Read More

How the Nagios monitoring tool tracks IT environment details

By Stephen J. Bigelow 25 Jun 2018

Nagios users can monitor diverse components of an IT infrastructure, across Linux and Windows OSes, networks and servers, so long as they roll up their sleeves and dig into agents and plug-ins. Read More

Five Quick Links: Windows Server troubleshooting

15 Feb 2011

Check out these quick-hit links for debugging Windows Server crashes and hangs, with details on the best (free) recovery tools for administrators. Read More

How do I keep Windows Defender definitions current?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 19 Apr 2018

Administrators in charge of keeping antivirus software up to date have a few options to protect their servers. Learn about the methods and services to use with Windows Defender Antivirus. Read More

How to compare Windows and Linux for enterprise workloads

By Brian Kirsch 01 Oct 2018

How do Windows and Linux rank when it comes to running production workloads? Organizations should consider more than just the initial cost. Read More

Options for server management tools expand to meet IT needs

By Richard Siddaway 14 Feb 2018

Not only do admins have to contend with a mix of server OSes, there are diverse scenarios to complicate their management. Learn about the tools worth exploring for administration. Read More

Hackers scan for MySQL ransomware targets

By Michael Heller 29 May 2019

A security researcher found that malicious actors have been scanning database servers for MySQL ransomware targets running on Windows, but mitigation should be relatively easy. Read More

How to solve Windows 10 updates problems

21 Aug 2018

Nothing is more annoying than an OS update that breaks something or won't load right. Windows admins may need some tips and tools to manage Windows 10 updates now that they're automatic. Read More

Microsoft Project Honolulu shows promise but needs work

By Richard Siddaway 09 Apr 2018

Microsoft Project Honolulu is still in the technical preview stage, but it needs to resolve a number of issues before it's a viable alternative to manage production machines. Read More