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Windows Compatibility module expands PowerShell Core reach

By Richard Siddaway 29 Apr 2019

The PowerShell team closed the cmdlet coverage gap with a compatibility module release for PowerShell Core, but its use requires some caution. Read More

Creating an IT admin's PowerShell toolbox

By Mike Nelson 19 Oct 2010

The PowerShell scripting tool in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 should be the staple of any IT administrator's toolbox. Learn how it can help you. Read More

Manage host, VM access with a Hyper-V administrators security group

By Nirmal Sharma 16 Nov 2018

Use Hyper-V roles to limit users to predefined levels of access. By creating security groups and managing them with PowerShell, you can implement role-based security at scale. Read More

Google provides Chrome deployment tools for IT administrators

By Jenny Williams 16 Dec 2010

Google has developed controls and tools to help IT administrators configure and deploy its Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux. Read More

PowerShell logging boosts security in the enterprise

By Dan Franciscus 23 Aug 2018

Want to track any suspicious PowerShell activity across your network? Use these PowerShell logging techniques to curb potential threats that originate from scripts. Read More

End-user computing tech ROI comes in many different forms

09 May 2017

The business side of organizations is quick to look for monetary benefits when implementing a new technology. But end-user computing tools don't always rake in big bucks. Instead, EUC tech ROI comes from increased ... Read More

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 focuses on IT admins

By Cliff Saran 01 May 2018

While it will stop those annoying taskbar InBox and social media messages, at the heart of the April 2018 Windows 10 update is an effort to simplify management Read More

MS Activation Server Issues Temporarily Negate Win10 Licenses

By Ed Tittel 09 Nov 2018

When MS Activation Server issues temporarily negate Win10 licenses, consternation reigns for a few hours. A couple of simple fixes will set affected PCs straight, though. No biggie! Read More

New third-party tools target Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012, mobile device management

By Jeremy Stanley 15 Jun 2012

Windows Server administrators looking to make their lives easier have a variety of tools at their disposal. This week, that array grew even larger, as several third-party vendors launched new ... Read More

PowerShell 6 expands reach but lags behind Windows version

By Richard Siddaway 30 Mar 2018

Cross-platform PowerShell arrived without all the functionality that's available in Windows PowerShell -- but it brings the ability to manage Linux and macOS systems. Read More