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Google provides Chrome deployment tools for IT administrators

By Jenny Williams 16 Dec 2010

Google has developed controls and tools to help IT administrators configure and deploy its Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux. Read More

New third-party tools target Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012, mobile device management

By Jeremy Stanley 15 Jun 2012

Windows Server administrators looking to make their lives easier have a variety of tools at their disposal. This week, that array grew even larger, as several third-party vendors launched new ... Read More

CrowdStrike unveils Meltdown exploit in unusual fashion

By Rob Wright 19 Apr 2018

At RSA Conference 2018, CrowdStrike demonstrated a new Meltdown exploit that can harvest sensitive data such as passwords even on systems that are patched. Read More

Is the XenServer hypervisor worth the cost?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 27 Aug 2018

There is a free, easy-to-obtain version of Citrix XenServer, but additional features and commercial support from Citrix -- which some shops might need -- require a license. Read More

10 top tips to maximize hyper-converged infrastructure benefits

By James Alan Miller 23 Jan 2019

The most-read hyper-converged tips of the past year represent a range of best practices for procuring and implementing HCI as all or part of your overall data center architecture. Read More

10 types of security incidents and how to handle them

By Linda Rosencrance 28 Jun 2019

Cyberattacks are more varied than ever. Learn the key symptoms that signal a problem and how to respond to keep systems and data safe. Read More

Counting the costs of IaaS and SaaS

25 Feb 2019

Cost management is a priority for organisations seeking to use infrastructure and software as a service Read More

5 vCenter features you should know about

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 May 2019

VMware vCenter is the pre-eminent vSphere management tool. Get to know some of vCenter's lesser-known features to make this tool even more effective in your data center. Read More

Understand Active Directory basics for enterprise success

By Stephen J. Bigelow 21 Aug 2018

You can't get the most out of a tool unless you understand its features. This tip explains the basics of Active Directory and how it controls access and maintains order. Read More

Red Hat Virtualization hypervisor adoption considerations

By Stephen J. Bigelow 23 Aug 2018

IT admins considering Red Hat Virtualization might inadvertently overlook certain system requirements or forget to consider whether they need support. Read More