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Five system administrator skills Windows admins should hone

By Brian Kirsch 20 Feb 2018

IT workers need to learn how to ride the wave of innovation and master these five technologies related to Windows Server that can ease their workload and help the business. Read More

Use these PowerCLI cmdlets to automate VMware vSphere

By Dan Franciscus 10 Oct 2018

Take advantage of these PowerCLI cmdlets to copy files to and from local machines to VMware VMs. For complex tasks, a programmatic interface enables easier management than a GUI. Read More

Tough sample GitHub interview questions and answers for job candidates

By Cameron McKenzie 31 Jan 2019

If you're a developer in search of a DevOps job, you'll need to address these Git and GitHub interview questions and answers. And don't forget about distributed version control systems either. Read More

83 useful Linux commands

By Jessica Lulka 12 Aug 2019

Enterprise administrators and managers who use this guide of essential Linux commands, utilities and tools will find ways to manage files, get process status updates and more. Read More

Manage Hyper-V containers and VMs with these best practices

By Brien Posey 19 Jul 2018

Containers and VMs should be treated as the separate instance types they are, but there are specific management strategies that work for both that admins should incorporate. Read More

Roll your own Windows patching tool with PowerShell

By Adam Bertram 19 Jan 2018

This tutorial based on PowerShell helps administrators build an automated routine that audits Windows machines, then applies missing patches to lighten this management task. Read More

PowerShell Core 6.1 offers many small improvements

By Richard Siddaway 24 Oct 2018

New PowerShell Core functionality includes the addition of Windows PowerShell 5.1 modules, making this version worth a closer look for administrators. Read More

Key lessons from ‘Petya’ ransomware attack

By Warwick Ashford 29 Jun 2017

While the cyber security community is still working to understand the latest ransomware attack that has reportedly hit 60 countries, there are key lessons to be learned Read More

Tread carefully with modern Windows application management

By Tim Mangan 29 May 2018

With the Windows winds changing, IT pros must consider whether it's time to transition from SCCM to modern management via the cloud. Read More

How is the future of PowerShell shaping up?

By Richard Siddaway 25 Jun 2018

Microsoft no longer develops PowerShell behind closed doors. While there are perks to the tool's move to open source, users must cope with the consequences of the shift. Read More