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5 FAQs on SQL Server containers and how to manage them

By Michael Otey 15 Nov 2018

Running SQL Server in containers creates new challenges for database administrators. The answers to these questions can guide you through some of them. Read More

SQL Server vs. MySQL: Learn the differences

By Brien Posey 09 May 2019

MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server relational databases have their pros and cons. Weigh the differences between SQL Server and MySQL features, costs, functionality and more. Read More

Explore the leading user profile management tools in-depth

By James Rankin 07 Jun 2018

Profile management tools help admins keep tabs on users using cloud, migration and app virtualization. Discover the leading vendors with this in-depth overview of their products. Read More

Manage KVM at scale with these best practices

By Stuart Burns 11 May 2018

KVM management is easy when VM density is low, but managing hundreds or thousands of VMs can present a challenge. Plan ahead, configure the right drivers and optimize for scale. Read More

Common VM network latency causes explained

By Stephen J. Bigelow 20 Sep 2018

There are many potential causes of network performance problems when it comes to VMs. Familiarize yourself with the most common causes to aid in troubleshooting. Read More

Potential PowerShell telemetry raises security concerns

By Kristen Gloss 23 Apr 2019

When admins discovered the PowerShell team proposal for additional telemetry, some bristled; however, the data collection could mean a better management language for IT pros. Read More

How PowerShell Direct helps polish off those VMs

By Richard Siddaway 05 Nov 2018

PowerShell Direct offers administrators a remoting option that does not rely on a network connection to manage Hyper-V VMs, but be sure you meet the requirements for its use. Read More

Will PowerShell Core 6 fill in missing features?

By Adam Bertram 30 Nov 2017

Windows administrators will be in for some adjustments as Microsoft de-emphasizes Windows PowerShell and moves towards PowerShell Core, which currently lacks some key features. Read More

How to replicate Azure resources for speed, agility

By Mike Pfeiffer 01 Feb 2019

There isn't a one-click tool to quickly clone full-stack application environments in Microsoft Azure, but these techniques can make the process easier. Read More

How to get the Windows 10 upgrade process right

By Ed Tittel 23 Aug 2018

To install Windows 10 correctly, IT pros should alter the disk layout for a fresh installation of the OS to match Microsoft's recommended order rather than its default order. Read More