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Maximize application performance with VDI optimization tools

By Alastair Cooke 06 Jun 2019

IT administrators should look into different VDI optimization tools to reduce the amount of resources used and maximize performance. Learn all about these tools and their benefits. Read More

Top free tools for Windows server administration

06 Apr 2009

They say the best things in life are free, and that's definitely true for Windows tools. Our experts pick some of their favorite freeware and open source utilities for server admins. Read More

IT's guide to Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC

By Robert Sheldon 24 Jun 2019

The Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC release includes a number of new management capabilities. IT administrators should be aware of the new features and enhancements. Read More

Windows and Linux: What systems administrators need to know

By Tom Walat 17 Jun 2019

The lines between Windows Server and Linux continue to blur. Discover what Windows administrators need to know to get up to speed with these new Linux features. Read More

IT wary of Windows 10 adoption despite approaching deadline

By Yuuki Nishida 04 Jun 2019

With the Windows 7 end of support date approaching, IT professionals must migrate to Windows 10. However, skepticism over Windows 10 adoption still remains despite the deadline. Read More

7 Windows Server 2019 features to know

By Kristen Gloss 28 May 2019

If administrators want to get the most from Windows Server 2019 features, they should familiarize themselves with this cheat sheet of the improvements Microsoft has made. Read More

Can you ace this quiz on Windows Server 2019 HCI?

By Kristen Gloss 07 Jun 2019

With each new server release, Microsoft gives administrators a whole new slew of features to learn. Challenge yourself on how well you know the Windows Server HCI features. Read More

How to locate privileged accounts in Active Directory

By Tim Warner 24 Jun 2019

IT administrators must be able to identify privileged accounts in Active Directory for a more secure enterprise; two methods can make the task easier. Read More

Windows security tools for the busy desktop administrator

26 May 2009

Looking for Windows security tools, but don't have time to do the research? Learn about a few that come highly-recommended by one of our top security experts. Read More

Get to know Linux desktop security best practices

By Kevin Beaver 03 Jun 2019

IT pros managing Linux desktops must take the time to keep their users' workstations secure while packaging them with the appropriate apps. Watch out for these security challenges. Read More