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Windows Virtual Desktops: Microsoft takes virtual Windows mainstream on Azure

By Tim Anderson 08 Oct 2018

Microsoft is fleshing out its virtual desktop proposition by allowing enterprises to access Windows via its Azure platform, but what does this mean for its competitors? Read More

AWS should address these user challenges at re:Invent 2018

By Tim Culverhouse 06 Nov 2018

SearchAWS contributors say Amazon's cloud platform still has shortcomings around data regulation, ops and integrations. They offer some ways AWS could solve these problems at re:Invent this year. Read More

Friday Notebook, March 22: FSLogix freed; Windows Virtual Desktop preview; Apple and SAML

By Jack Madden 22 Mar 2019

Also: iOS 12.2; Horizon 7.8; Intune updates; Blue Cedar funding; speaking events; and much more! Read More

Best practices to conduct a user access review

By Sharon Shea 23 Jul 2019

User entitlement reviews ensure employees only have access to essential systems and unauthorized employees -- or miscreants -- don't. Learn how to conduct an audit of user privileges. Read More

How does the SynAck ransomware use Process Doppelgänging?

By Michael Cobb 14 Sep 2018

A technique called Process Doppelgänging was used by the SynAck ransomware to bypass security software. Expert Michael Cobb explains how this technique works and why it's unique. Read More

Windows Server 2019 preview draws Azure closer

By Tom Walat 26 Mar 2018

Windows Server 2019 will come with a number of enhancements to cater to administrators who want a tighter connection to the Azure cloud platform, Microsoft said. Read More

How to check Windows 10 compatibility for legacy apps

By Brien Posey 19 Sep 2017

Testing apps is just one way to ensure that legacy apps have Windows 10 compatibility. Find out how to confirm the compatibility of legacy apps with the OS. Read More

Top 4 advantages of a command-line interface

By Stephen J. Bigelow 29 May 2018

With the simple look of the command-line interface, organizations don't always realize the advantages it brings to systems through pointed, accurate commands. Read More

Free Windows security tools every admin must have

By Kevin Beaver 06 Aug 2009

Believe it or not, there's more to life than Sysinternals. Check out some of the best free security tools from third-parties for Windows server administration. Read More

Infrastructure patching at scale: What you need to know

By Stuart Burns 04 Oct 2018

Embarking on an enterprise-wide patching exercise can be a daunting process for IT departments, but there are few things that can be done to make it less fraught and ensure effectiveness Read More