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Roll your own Windows patching tool with PowerShell

By Adam Bertram 19 Jan 2018

This tutorial based on PowerShell helps administrators build an automated routine that audits Windows machines, then applies missing patches to lighten this management task. Read More

Microsoft acquisition of FSLogix to help push cloud desktops

By Eddie Lockhart 20 Nov 2018

FSLogix can help Microsoft solve problems that have plagued the integration of Office 365 and virtual desktops, and it will immediately benefit the new Windows Virtual Desktop. Read More

PowerShell logging boosts security in the enterprise

By Dan Franciscus 23 Aug 2018

Want to track any suspicious PowerShell activity across your network? Use these PowerShell logging techniques to curb potential threats that originate from scripts. Read More

How Windows administrators can manage print queues

By Ed Tittel 02 May 2016

Printer management requires making sure the correct and most current drivers are installed and that any print queues associated with a device are cleared. Read More

10 endpoint security products to protect your business

By Linda Rosencrance 23 Apr 2019

Check out this product roundup and discover all the features endpoint security protection offers, such as patch management, email protection and reporting. Read More

Uptime and availability: Making sense of supplier SLAs

By Stuart Burns 14 Jun 2019

Enterprises need to read the fine print of supplier service-level agreements (SLA) or risk finding themselves caught short during downtime incidents Read More

Create Vagrant boxes with Packer for rapid IT environment builds

By Dan Franciscus 22 Jan 2019

Vagrant boxes enable IT admins to test infrastructure updates in production-identical QA environments. Follow this Vagrant tutorial to build a machine and export it to a Vagrant box. Read More

Manage host, VM access with a Hyper-V administrators security group

By Nirmal Sharma 16 Nov 2018

Use Hyper-V roles to limit users to predefined levels of access. By creating security groups and managing them with PowerShell, you can implement role-based security at scale. Read More

Manage Hyper-V containers and VMs with these best practices

By Brien Posey 19 Jul 2018

Containers and VMs should be treated as the separate instance types they are, but there are specific management strategies that work for both that admins should incorporate. Read More

MS Activation Server Issues Temporarily Negate Win10 Licenses

By Ed Tittel 09 Nov 2018

When MS Activation Server issues temporarily negate Win10 licenses, consternation reigns for a few hours. A couple of simple fixes will set affected PCs straight, though. No biggie! Read More