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Microsoft SQL Operations Studio eases SQL Server admin tasks

By Robert Sheldon 31 Jan 2018

SQL Operations Studio simplifies routine administration of SQL Server and Azure SQL databases, making database development and management easier for users who aren't full-time DBAs. Read More

Brutal Kangaroo: How does it hop to air-gapped computers?

By Nick Lewis 22 Dec 2017

The CIA Vault 7 cache exposed the Brutal Kangaroo USB malware, which can be spread to computers without an internet connection. Learn how this is possible with expert Nick Lewis. Read More

Follow these steps for an Oracle-to-AWS migration

By Kurt Marko 14 Jan 2019

AWS represents the first viable alternative to Oracle for many organizations. Review your options, and follow these steps for a successful database move to the cloud. Read More

Zenoss ZenPacks plug-ins support hundreds of external resources

By Stephen J. Bigelow 30 May 2018

IT monitoring tools only monitor what they're built for. Zenoss fills in the inevitable gaps with ZenPacks to give admins exactly what they need -- without unnecessary extras. Read More

Fileless malware surge, warns Malwarebytes report 

By Warwick Ashford 06 Dec 2018

Data from millions of consumers reveals an uptick in fileless malware and other new-generation malware that calls for a new cyber security approach, report reveals Read More

User profile management software in the modern enterprise

By James Rankin 05 Apr 2018

Profile management tools help admins keep track of important details about users, like their bookmarks, browser histories, wallpapers, documents and more. Read More

2 ways to attach SQL Server database files to Linux containers

By Michael Otey 16 Aug 2018

SQL Server files can be stored outside of Docker containers in host directories or volumes. Here's how to set up SQL Server on Linux databases and attach them to containers. Read More

What is Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph?

By Kyle Johnson 16 Jan 2019

Get access to data from over 200 Microsoft services in one central view for security and performance. Read More

Updates to Sysinternals tools benefit server admins

By Brien Posey 06 Dec 2017

Microsoft updated several of its freeware Sysinternals utilities to assist administrators with tracking down malware and rooting out needless system processes in Windows. Read More

Explore multifactor authentication products in-depth

By Linda Rosencrance 18 Feb 2019

Discover some of the best multifactor authentication products currently on the market based on target industry and main features to help you make a final buying decision. Read More