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Server Core management remains a challenge for some

By Brian Kirsch 16 Jan 2018

Server Core, the minimal Windows Server deployment, removes some admins from their GUI comfort zone, but its benefits reduce some chores associated with the full server OS. Read More

Learn how to install Jenkins CI to enhance your DevOps skills

By Cameron McKenzie 16 May 2018

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to install Jenkins CI, and subsequently run a simple build job. It's a first step to acquire key DevOps skills. Read More

Potential PowerShell telemetry raises security concerns

By Kristen Gloss 23 Apr 2019

When admins discovered the PowerShell team proposal for additional telemetry, some bristled; however, the data collection could mean a better management language for IT pros. Read More

The threat of shadow admins in the cloud to enterprises

By Ed Moyle 11 Jul 2018

Having shadow admins in the cloud means unauthorized users can access everything a legitimate administrator can. Expert Ed Moyle explains how this works and how to stop it. Read More

Is Microsoft PowerApps an InfoPath alternative?

By Reda Chouffani 26 Mar 2018

As users search for an InfoPath alternative, the seemingly obvious answer would be Microsoft PowerApps. However, Microsoft never intended for PowerApps to be the InfoPath replacement. Read More

Open source PowerShell not a straight swap for Windows PowerShell

By Tom Walat 05 Feb 2018

PowerShell Core 6.0 -- the open-source, cross-platform version of Windows PowerShell -- does not have all the features that longtime PowerShell users may be looking for. Last month's official ... Read More

How can Intel AMT be used to bypass the Windows firewall?

By Michael Cobb 30 Nov 2017

Software developed by the hacking group Platinum takes advantage of Intel AMT to bypass the built-in Windows firewall. Expert Michael Cobb explains how it works. Read More

Infrastructure patching at scale: What you need to know

By Stuart Burns 04 Oct 2018

Embarking on an enterprise-wide patching exercise can be a daunting process for IT departments, but there are few things that can be done to make it less fraught and ensure effectiveness Read More

Trump's move to ban Huawei a wake-up call for IT execs

By George Lawton 17 May 2019

The Trump administration's move to effectively ban Huawei products from U.S. networks has big implications for IT execs in charge of supply chain sourcing and security. Read More

Perform this Octopus Deploy tutorial in under 60 minutes

By Adam Bertram 12 Jul 2018

Octopus Deploy extends a variety of agents called Tentacles that manage a wide swath of tasks. In just one hour, create an Octopus Deploy instance in a simple home lab. Read More