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CrowdStrike unveils Meltdown exploit in unusual fashion

By Rob Wright 19 Apr 2018

At RSA Conference 2018, CrowdStrike demonstrated a new Meltdown exploit that can harvest sensitive data such as passwords even on systems that are patched. Read More

Windows Server hardening still weighs heavily on admins

By Tom Walat 26 Dec 2017

Windows Server hardening procedures drew renewed interest following the rash of ransomware outbreaks this year. See what tips on server safeguards got the most views in 2017. Read More

Windows 7 system files clean-up tools

By Ed Tittel 23 Jun 2010

Windows 7 system files can clog up your customers' PCs and drag performance down. Luckily, tools and commands are available to help you gain more administrative control. Read More

Windows Compatibility module expands PowerShell Core reach

By Richard Siddaway 29 Apr 2019

The PowerShell team closed the cmdlet coverage gap with a compatibility module release for PowerShell Core, but its use requires some caution. Read More

PowerShell Core 6.1 offers many small improvements

By Richard Siddaway 24 Oct 2018

New PowerShell Core functionality includes the addition of Windows PowerShell 5.1 modules, making this version worth a closer look for administrators. Read More

Understand Windows Insider Program for Business options

By Robert Sheldon 27 Aug 2018

With its business-friendly Insider Program, Microsoft allows IT and users to test Windows 10 preview builds for compatibility and performance issues. Read More

Zabbix monitoring requires experience for best results

By Stephen J. Bigelow 09 Jul 2018

Not every IT tool is as easy to learn as it is potentially useful. Zabbix offers several views into an environment, but that flexibility comes at the price of admin experience. Read More

Diskpart utility scans for newly added disks

By Tim Fenner 25 Jan 2007

Use the Windows Diskpart utility to scan for newly added disks, instead of Windows' Disk Administrator tool. Read More

A Win10 Post-Upgrade Checklist

By Ed Tittel 07 Sep 2018

With a well-crafted Win10 Post-Upgrade checklist, you can streamline the process of cleaning up and tweaking a new Windows 10 desktop once the upgrade is complete. Here's a good start! Read More

How the SaltStack architecture enables config management at scale

By Adam Bertram 01 Feb 2019

SaltStack's one-to-many communication model enables it to manage configurations in massive IT deployments without network strain. To get the most out of SaltStack, understand ZeroMQ. Read More