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What is Microsoft 365?

By Kyle Johnson 06 Jun 2018

Still not sure you understand Microsoft’s mega bundle? We’ll learn together. Read More

Use these Hyper-V management tools to boost efficiency

By Brien Posey 26 Oct 2017

Common Hyper-V administration tasks are time-consuming and risk slowing down your workflow. Use these tools to simplify and automate your administration. Read More

How NotPetya ransomware used legitimate tools to move laterally

By Michael Cobb 31 Aug 2017

WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware woke enterprises up to an expanded threat landscape. Expert Michael Cobb explains these threats and what enterprises can do to stop them. Read More

Kubernetes in Azure eases container deployment duties

By Jonathan Hassell 04 Jun 2018

Using containers in the cloud will require an orchestration tool. Azure Kubernetes Service helps create and manage the clusters when running containers on the Azure platform. Read More

Hyper-V vs. vSphere high availability features

By Brien Posey 22 Oct 2018

Compare VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V HA approaches to see how they keep VMs and other workloads online when a host server crashes. Read More

Diskpart utility scans for newly added disks

By Tim Fenner 25 Jan 2007

Use the Windows Diskpart utility to scan for newly added disks, instead of Windows' Disk Administrator tool. Read More

Microsoft SQL Operations Studio eases SQL Server admin tasks

By Robert Sheldon 31 Jan 2018

SQL Operations Studio simplifies routine administration of SQL Server and Azure SQL databases, making database development and management easier for users who aren't full-time DBAs. Read More

Brutal Kangaroo: How does it hop to air-gapped computers?

By Nick Lewis 22 Dec 2017

The CIA Vault 7 cache exposed the Brutal Kangaroo USB malware, which can be spread to computers without an internet connection. Learn how this is possible with expert Nick Lewis. Read More

Best practices to conduct a user access review

By Sharon Shea 23 Jul 2019

User entitlement reviews ensure employees only have access to essential systems and unauthorized employees -- or miscreants -- don't. Learn how to conduct an audit of user privileges. Read More

7 features for managing Windows 10 updates and upgrades

By Robert Sheldon 02 Aug 2018

Managing updates and upgrades in Windows 10 is tough. Fortunately, Microsoft includes seven features in the OS, including SetupDiag, that IT pros can use to simplify both processes. Read More