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Windows application management software comes to IT's aid

By John Powers 25 Apr 2018

Application management software is a necessity for organizational continuity and security. Without any such software, absent patches threaten end users' applications. Read More

Systems management software heads for the cloud

By Ed Scannell 01 May 2018

Systems management providers are pushing their on-premises offerings to the cloud, as well as developing or acquiring pure cloud-based software in hopes of staying relevant. Read More

Windows 7 system files clean-up tools

By Ed Tittel 23 Jun 2010

Windows 7 system files can clog up your customers' PCs and drag performance down. Luckily, tools and commands are available to help you gain more administrative control. Read More

Copy files from the host to a Hyper-V machine

By Nirmal Sharma 18 Jan 2018

There are many ways to copy files from the host to a Hyper-V machine, including Enhanced Session Mode and the Copy-VMFile PowerShell cmdlet. Follow these steps for each method. Read More

How desktop virtualization vendors are improving management

By Robert Sheldon 06 Feb 2018

IT pros want to see better security and more monitoring capabilities in their virtual desktop management tools. The ultimate goal is a quality user experience, though. Read More

Boost DevOps cred with script management in Git version control

By Walker Rowe 14 Nov 2018

DevOps teams use configuration management to automate patches and provisioning. They use version control to increase collaboration and change control. Learn how to combine the two. Read More

Hyena simplifies Windows management tasks

By Serdar Yegulalp 28 Sep 2005

Using the built-in Windows administration tools to manage a medium to large Windows NT or Windows 2000/2003 network can be a challenge. Hyena simplifies and centralizes day-to-day management tasks, while providing ... Read More

Survey the desktop and application virtualization market

By Robert Sheldon 10 Apr 2018

Organizations want the flexibility to deliver virtual desktops and applications from the same platform. Learn about the products that can do both for your enterprise. Read More

Hybrid cloud: Weighing up what to run in the cloud and on-premise

By Stuart Burns 17 Jun 2019

The hybrid cloud model promises a lot, but enterprises really need to take their time when working out what applications and workloads to run where – or they will find themselves on a hiding to nothing Read More