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How the SaltStack architecture enables config management at scale

By Adam Bertram 01 Feb 2019

SaltStack's one-to-many communication model enables it to manage configurations in massive IT deployments without network strain. To get the most out of SaltStack, understand ZeroMQ. Read More

Digital domain identified as major security threat by Norway’s intelligence service

14 Aug 2019

Norway's intelligence services has revealed the extent of the threat posed to the country by cyber attacks Read More

Intel microcode updates complicate admin patching duties

By Tom Walat 13 Mar 2018

March Patch Tuesday adds several more mitigations for the Spectre and Meltdown exploits, this time for 32-bit server and client operating systems. Read More

Tough sample GitHub interview questions and answers for job candidates

By Cameron McKenzie 31 Jan 2019

If you're a developer in search of a DevOps job, you'll need to address these Git and GitHub interview questions and answers. And don't forget about distributed version control systems either. Read More

Build an IT maintenance plan around infrastructure needs

By Brian Kirsch 28 Aug 2018

Don't delay maintenance reboots. It's easy to forget to reboot hosts, tools and drivers, so use a reboot schedule to ensure your infrastructure remains functional. Read More

How do you prepare for a VM migration in cloud computing?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 24 May 2018

Prepare for a VM migration by examining the requirements of your VMs and your cloud provider. Configure the VM for migration and match the settings to the cloud provider. Read More

How can I secure my remote server management tools?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 17 Sep 2018

If you monitor a lot of servers, it's important to make sure the tools you use to remotely manage them are secure. Encryption and password best practices can help. Read More

Server Core could top Windows Server 2008 features

By Greg Shields 10 Mar 2008

Tools that Windows administrators can use to list and install Roles and Role Services make Server Core a popular Windows Server 2008 feature. Read More

How to check Windows 10 compatibility for legacy apps

By Brien Posey 19 Sep 2017

Testing apps is just one way to ensure that legacy apps have Windows 10 compatibility. Find out how to confirm the compatibility of legacy apps with the OS. Read More

Manage KVM at scale with these best practices

By Stuart Burns 11 May 2018

KVM management is easy when VM density is low, but managing hundreds or thousands of VMs can present a challenge. Plan ahead, configure the right drivers and optimize for scale. Read More