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AWS should address these user challenges at re:Invent 2018

By Tim Culverhouse 06 Nov 2018

SearchAWS contributors say Amazon's cloud platform still has shortcomings around data regulation, ops and integrations. They offer some ways AWS could solve these problems at re:Invent this year. Read More

The threat of shadow admins in the cloud to enterprises

By Ed Moyle 11 Jul 2018

Having shadow admins in the cloud means unauthorized users can access everything a legitimate administrator can. Expert Ed Moyle explains how this works and how to stop it. Read More

Future of Windows might involve significant weight loss

By Tom Walat 22 Feb 2018

The influence of containerized applications could sway Microsoft to introduce more far-reaching refinements to Windows Server and reduce the OS to the bare necessities. Read More

A Windows vulnerability scan should leave no stones unturned

By Kevin Beaver 24 Jan 2018

When it comes to scanning for vulnerabilities in Windows, IT pros need to run both authenticated and unauthenticated scans so they can see the deployment from every angle. Read More

Windows administrators contend with call to the cloud

By Tom Walat 30 Nov 2017

Microsoft's rapid development pace in the cloud tempts more enterprises to pull the plug on on-premises systems, as Azure technology works its way into multiple offerings. Read More

Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform

By Rodney Brown 11 Feb 2018

FileFly Secondary Storage Platform from Caringo works with Windows Server and NetApp OnTap, adding intelligent data transfer to scale-out secondary storage while reducing cost. Read More

Perform this Octopus Deploy tutorial in under 60 minutes

By Adam Bertram 12 Jul 2018

Octopus Deploy extends a variety of agents called Tentacles that manage a wide swath of tasks. In just one hour, create an Octopus Deploy instance in a simple home lab. Read More

Create a shielded VM template in SCVMM in four easy steps

By Nirmal Sharma 23 Jul 2018

SCVMM templates simplify the process of deploying shielded VMs. Prepare the disk to use shielded VM technology before creating the template. Read More

How NotPetya ransomware used legitimate tools to move laterally

By Michael Cobb 31 Aug 2017

WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware woke enterprises up to an expanded threat landscape. Expert Michael Cobb explains these threats and what enterprises can do to stop them. Read More

Use these Hyper-V management tools to boost efficiency

By Brien Posey 26 Oct 2017

Common Hyper-V administration tasks are time-consuming and risk slowing down your workflow. Use these tools to simplify and automate your administration. Read More