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PowerShell Core's march ahead gives pause for IT admins

By Tom Walat 31 Aug 2017

As Microsoft's PowerShell Core open source project progresses, some question the future of Windows PowerShell in the company's cloud-focused strategy. Read More

Get to know your Windows 10 update options

By Eddie Lockhart 01 Mar 2018

Windows as a service changes the way updates work in Windows 10 from past versions of the OS. Each of the three servicing channels handles updates in its own way. Read More

Server OS patching doesn't have to be as painful as you fear

By Stuart Burns 19 Jun 2017

OS patching is like a mechanic's job -- you need different tools for different makes and models. SCCM, Satellite and Landscape provide upkeep for IT's sports cars and SUVs. Read More

5 benefits of PowerApps forms for SharePoint

By Reda Chouffani 07 Dec 2018

Microsoft PowerApps has been around since 2015, but it is just now beginning to beat out its predecessor, InfoPath -- originally a straight PDF competitor -- in functionality. Read More

Puppet Enterprise updates give IT ops pros a leg up on DevOps

By Beth Pariseau 10 Oct 2018

Puppet Enterprise 2019, Puppet Bolt 1.0 and Puppet Insights broaden enterprise IT ops pros' options for DevOps support and infrastructure automation tools. Read More

Manage Linux servers with a Windows admin's toolkit

By Tim Warner 22 May 2017

Even Microsoft recognizes it's no longer just a Windows world. Here's what Windows administrators can do to pick up Linux management and monitoring. Read More

AWS' managed cloud services lighten the load for IT

By Chris Moyer 26 Sep 2018

AWS continues to find ways to move up the stack and ease the burden on IT. Take advantage of these services to improve productivity, and stop worrying about low-level maintenance. Read More

Access vCenter MOB and enable advanced troubleshooting

By Stuart Burns 24 Sep 2018

The vCenter mobile object browser provides a vast amount of information. Follow these steps to make it navigable and useful for some of the most difficult troubleshooting cases. Read More

Weighing privileged identity management tools' pros and cons

By Michael Cobb 24 Aug 2018

Products that help security pros manage access privileges are essential to IT security. Learn how to evaluate market offerings and acquire the best for your company. Read More

Put application virtualization products under the microscope

By Robert Sheldon 25 Jun 2018

Get to know the four main components that make up any app virtualization product, including client access, management and monitoring, and the delivery infrastructure. Read More