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7 features for managing Windows 10 updates and upgrades

By Robert Sheldon 02 Aug 2018

Managing updates and upgrades in Windows 10 is tough. Fortunately, Microsoft includes seven features in the OS, including SetupDiag, that IT pros can use to simplify both processes. Read More

How to use Sysprep to install a custom Windows 10 image

By Ed Tittel 07 Dec 2017

Walk through the process of adding custom software, apps and assets to your Windows 10 image in audit mode. Read More

Endgame's Devon Kerr on what it takes to be a threat hunter

By Peter Loshin 19 Jul 2018

Threat hunting goes beyond mere monitoring and detection. Endgame's Devon Kerr explains tomorrow's threat hunters and the keys to successful cyberthreat hunting. Read More

VMware bids farewell to vCenter Server for Windows

By Brian Kirsch 05 Oct 2017

VMware plans to retire vCenter Server for Windows in favor of the vCenter Server Appliance with the next version of vSphere. That decision might cause more trouble than it's worth. Read More

What is VMware Remote Console and how do you run it?

By Vladan Seget 04 Jan 2018

A vSphere administrator can use VMware Remote Console to remotely access a VM's peripherals, configuration and desktop remotely through the vSphere Web Client. Read More

User profile management software in the modern enterprise

By James Rankin 05 Apr 2018

Profile management tools help admins keep track of important details about users, like their bookmarks, browser histories, wallpapers, documents and more. Read More

Nexus repository manager tutorial: Get started with the OSS Maven tool

By Cameron McKenzie 03 Aug 2018

Looking at configuring your own local Maven repository? Here's a Nexus repository manager tutorial that will help you get started with Nexus OSS v2. Read More

Microsoft puts a new face on remote server management

By Tom Walat 31 Oct 2017

Microsoft's Project Honolulu puts the GUI back in the spotlight for systems administrators who felt left behind by the company's focus on advanced initiatives. Read More

Zenoss ZenPacks plug-ins support hundreds of external resources

By Stephen J. Bigelow 30 May 2018

IT monitoring tools only monitor what they're built for. Zenoss fills in the inevitable gaps with ZenPacks to give admins exactly what they need -- without unnecessary extras. Read More

What are System Center DPM 2016 limitations?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 May 2018

Not every tool is right for the job of backing up data. Find out what limits System Center DPM 2016 protection and which alternatives cover what it lacks. Read More