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Microsoft’s modern desktop management

By Tim Anderson 03 Jun 2019

How cloud services make the critical business of keeping Windows 10 patched and up to date easier for administrators Read More

What are some potential Windows Server cluster set snags?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 21 Mar 2019

Windows Server 2019 cluster sets bring some Azure-like capabilities into the data center, but new features also bring new challenges for administrators. Read More

Understand Azure Update Management basics

By Kristen Gloss 26 Mar 2019

Microsoft provides a variety of tools that IT administrators can use to simplify update deployment, including Azure Update Management. Find out if the service will work with your systems. Read More

Future of PowerShell lies in DevOps, cloud resource management

By Adam Bertram 20 Jun 2019

While PowerShell isn't the only automation and scripting tool that fits in IT pros' cloud and CI/CD toolboxes, it won't fall out of favor any time soon. Read More

Latest Microsoft SDDC updates improve security, performance

By Tom Walat 19 Apr 2019

Microsoft enhanced Windows Server 2019 software-defined networking and other virtualization facets of its latest server OS to improve security and increase workload performance. Read More

WMI tools make the perfect crime 'malware-free'

By Robert Richardson 01 Dec 2015

Security researchers claim that attackers are abusing a longstanding administrative tool in the Windows operating system. With no telltale signs of malware, how can you stop it? Read More

How is the Microsoft SDDC concept becoming a reality?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 19 Mar 2019

The promise of a software-defined infrastructure and its ability to pool resources require the right administrative tool to keep the virtualized fabric from fraying. Read More

Linux on Windows helps systems administrators gain new skills

By Dan Franciscus 17 Jun 2019

The line between Windows and Linux is starting to blur in most organizations. Here's what systems administrators need to know about working with Linux and Windows. Read More

System administrator skills you need to succeed in the cloud

By Kristen Gloss 14 May 2019

Cloud technology gives IT administrators more tools to manage enterprise resources than ever before, but the expanding technology also requires admins to develop a new skill set. Read More