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Windows PowerShell DSC book trains IT to lock down systems

By Tom Walat 31 Jul 2017

This DSC book familiarizes administrators with Microsoft's change management tool, giving them the skills to clamp down on system configurations. Read More

Windows Server 2016 changes prompt a new look at management

By Michael Stump 25 Aug 2017

Microsoft caters to both traditional server admins and automation experts in Windows Server 2016, but there will come a time when IT won't have a management choice. Read More

Talon Storage 2019 roadmap: Object and storage consolidation

By Carol Sliwa 04 Mar 2019

Talon plans to add new capabilities to manage large-scale deployments and consolidate storage in the cloud, including an option for built-in object storage due in Q4. Read More

Backup tool considerations for Windows Vista

17 Sep 2007

A reader provides five factors systems administrators should consider when evaluating third-party backup tools for Windows Vista. Read More

Azure serial console update addresses cloud troubleshooting

By Trevor Jones 03 Apr 2018

An Azure debugging tool gives admins a better handle on problems when VMs don't boot properly, with a familiar feel for those more comfortable with on-premises architectures. Read More

Container security tools pump up the platform

By Kathleen Richards 01 Aug 2018

Startups are developing technologies that fill in some of the security gaps, including better controls for container orchestration. Read More

Time-saving tips for the vSphere administrator

By Brien Posey 20 Oct 2017

Apply meaningful tags to inventory items in vSphere to make locating them easier. Also, use PowerCLI to automate common tasks and perform bulk management operations. Read More

Windows 7 launches, offers salvation from Vista

By Bridget Botelho 22 Oct 2009

With Windows 7, IT shops now have a desktop operating system they can look forward to, plus, they gain a handful of administration tools. See more articles related to Windows 7 adoption and migration, application ... Read More

Disable SMB1 before the next WannaCry strikes

By Jonathan Hassell 23 Oct 2017

As long as SMB1 lingers in your systems, they are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Use these tools and techniques to find and remove all signs of this unsafe network protocol. Read More