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Compliance automation prevents regulation audit snafus

By Kurt Marko 06 Nov 2018

Many IT organizations address compliance issues manually, even though Puppet, Fugue and other tools can enforce configurations that comply with regulations and even provide an audit trail. Read More

HD_Speed: A speed testing utility for storage devices

By Serdar Yegulalp 13 Sep 2007

With the HD_Speed input/output testing tool, Windows administrators can test hard drive and other storage device speed-levels. Read More

Navigate PII data protection and GDPR to meet privacy mandates

By Marc Staimer 06 Nov 2019

Know the commonalities surrounding personally identifiable information to better navigate and comply with the regulations and penalties IT managers must contend with today. Read More

Disable SMB1 before the next WannaCry strikes

By Jonathan Hassell 23 Oct 2017

As long as SMB1 lingers in your systems, they are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Use these tools and techniques to find and remove all signs of this unsafe network protocol. Read More

Friday Notebook, October 5: Intune Win32 app deployment preview; Windows 10 update

By Kyle Johnson 05 Oct 2018

Also: iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch 4; more Microsoft Ignite coverage; Win10 October update; Parallels and Thinprint collaboration; and plenty of security news. Read More

Azure serial console update addresses cloud troubleshooting

By Trevor Jones 03 Apr 2018

An Azure debugging tool gives admins a better handle on problems when VMs don't boot properly, with a familiar feel for those more comfortable with on-premises architectures. Read More

Container security tools pump up the platform

By Kathleen Richards 01 Aug 2018

Startups are developing technologies that fill in some of the security gaps, including better controls for container orchestration. Read More

Create a self-signed certificate to control PowerShell scripts

By Stuart Burns 05 Feb 2018

Signing code ensures that every change is official and approved. This helps to prevent errors and security breaches. Write a PowerShell self-signed certificate for code testing. Read More

How to automate Windows Server 2003 defrag

By Serdar Yegulalp 17 Sep 2007

Learn how to set up Windows Server 2003's DEFRAG command-line tool so it runs without the need for manual administrative maintenance. Read More