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How to create a custom Windows 10 image for deployment

By Eddie Lockhart 17 Apr 2018

IT pros can build a Windows 10 image with custom apps, Start menu tools and more that they can easily deliver throughout the organization. Read More

Hot skills: Windows Powershell

By Nick Langley 22 Sep 2008

Windows Powershell has been hailed as the tool that grown-up systems administrators, frustrated by progressive dumbing down of their jobs by graphical user interfaces (GUIs), have been waiting for. Read More

Windows Store for Business now open to ease app delivery

By Robert Sheldon 15 Feb 2017

The Windows Store for Business offers IT flexibility with Windows 10 application deployment, licensing and user management. Read More

Ease migrations with Windows Server Migration Tools cmdlets

By Brien Posey 06 Jan 2017

An in-place Windows Server upgrade is easier than a server migration. When an upgrade isn't possible, admins can ease the transition with a Microsoft snap-in. Read More

Manage headless servers for free with Server Management Tools

By Jonathan Hassell 15 Dec 2016

Windows Server management can be complicated -- especially headless server deployments -- but Microsoft attempts to ease this task with its free Azure-based Server Management Tools. Read More

Windows Server 2016 book serves up PowerShell recipes

By Dan Cagen 13 Nov 2017

This book details the evolution of the PowerShell scripting and management tool, and teaches admins how to write commands to streamline tasks on Windows Server 2016. Read More

Microsoft Nano Server overhaul a disappointment to some

By Jonathan Hassell 25 Sep 2017

Microsoft's course reversal on Nano Server in Windows Server 2016 will make some Windows administrators hesitant to come along for the ride in the next server-related innovation. Read More

Remote monitoring and management software: Vendors expand, integrate

By Paul Korzeniowski 12 Oct 2018

RMM vendors are extending their product lines into areas ranging from documentation to backup, but face an integration challenge when it comes to providing a unified interface. Read More

What about enterprise identity management for 'non-users'?

By Ed Moyle 11 Sep 2018

Identity and access management for service, machine and application accounts is as important as it is for individuals, so be sure your IAM strategy considers so-called non-users. Read More