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Filter and query Windows event logs with PowerShell

By Brien Posey 14 Sep 2017

Use the Get-EventLog cmdlet in PowerShell to pinpoint problems among thousands of entries in Windows logs, on both local and remote systems. Read More

Device Cleanup Tool Works

By Ed Tittel 04 Oct 2017

Uwe Sieber's excellent Device Cleanup Tool works like a charm to display and remove unwanted or missing Windows device drivers. Read More

How to navigate the Windows ADK download process

By Ed Tittel 18 Jul 2017

The Windows ADK can help ensure Windows 10 compatibility for apps, software and hardware. There are six key steps to the installation process. Read More

Will Exchange Server 2019 address admin issues?

By Edward van Biljon 18 May 2018

As Exchange Server 2019 draws closer, one administrator hopes Microsoft will incorporate some of the feature requests from the Exchange technicians in the field. Read More

How Azure AD uses cloud access control to protect credentials

By Ed Moyle 05 Sep 2018

Features such as Microsoft Azure AD Smart Lockout and Password Protection add security via trusted authentication. Learn more about cloud access control from expert Ed Moyle. Read More

Identify abnormal application behavior with VMware AppDefense

By Trevor Pott 12 Feb 2018

VMware AppDefense is an endpoint security tool that relies on security automation to determine the intended state of a VM and to analyze and identify unusual application behavior. Read More

The endpoint security controls you should consider now

By Brien Posey 11 Jan 2018

With the perimeter wall gone, securing enterprise endpoints is even more essential. Learn how automation and other developments can up endpoint protection now. Read More

ScriptLogic Corp. Active Administrator 5.0.1

24 Feb 2009

Active Administrator 5.0.1 is an enterprise-class integrated Active Directory management and auditing tool from ScriptLogic Corp., which is designed to improve security and business continuity in Windows networks. Read More

Tame the virtualization infrastructure management beast

By Nick Moore 03 Oct 2018

IT administrators must manage virtual infrastructure requirements, such as patches, reboots and component lifecycles, to create and maintain an efficient data center. Read More