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Legit tools exploited in bank heists

By Warwick Ashford 22 May 2018

Cyber criminals attacking the finance and other industry sector are continuing to exploit legitimate administration tools to hide their activities, highlighting the need for threat hunting, a report reveals Read More

Can IT add digital watermarks to its virtual desktops?

By Robert Sheldon 06 Jul 2018

As part of a larger security strategy, watermarking virtual desktops can help IT discourage data leakage by adding user-specific text to each desktop. Read More

Microsoft's Windows Task Manager: What's new in Vista?

By Brien Posey 30 May 2008

While already a useful tool for administrators, Microsoft made several improvements to its Task Manager utility for Windows Vista. Technical writer Brien Posey breaks down what has changed. Read More

SR-IOV specification poses promise and pitfalls in virtualized networks

By Glen Kemp 30 Jul 2018

The SR-IOV specification gives network administrators another tool for workload optimization. While SR-IOV could offer many benefits, it does have its drawbacks. Read More

Learn the basics of PowerShell for Linux

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 May 2017

Microsoft recently expanded PowerShell to support the Linux OS. Discover key differences in the open source version of PowerShell, ranging from commands to script creation. Read More

How to automate Windows software updates

By Serdar Yegulalp 09 Nov 2005

When it comes to automating Windows software updates, administrators have a choice of several third-party tools. Read More

How to use the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 10

By Ed Tittel 03 Jul 2017

It's important for IT admins to know everything is going to work before they deploy Windows 10 desktops. They can use the tools in the Windows ADK to do just that and more. Read More

Five back-end tasks Windows administrators should automate

05 Sep 2007

Windows server administrators could put their time to better use simply by automating some common back-end administrative tasks. This guide examines five tasks that should be automated and offers tools and tactics ... Read More

Evaluate Oracle VM Server as a potential hypervisor

By Stephen J. Bigelow 24 Aug 2018

Oracle VM provides useful features such as high availability and live migration, but it's important for admins to size the server for the workloads it's intended to host. Read More

Cloud configuration management services prevent reformats

By Mike Pfeiffer 22 Nov 2017

IT organizations with configuration management set up for on-premises workloads can add public cloud without changing much, or they can make use of native services from cloud vendors. Read More