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The application runtime environment is as important as the app

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 Nov 2017

To avoid cascading failures and never-ending troubleshooting, take the time to understand the software and hardware -- the runtime environment -- that keeps an app ticking. Read More

AI in IT infrastructure transforms how work gets done

By George Lawton 17 Jun 2019

Cutting through the hype around AI has become a major job for IT leaders. Our in-depth guide on where and how to add AI to your IT infrastructure will help. Read More

Implement these best practices to run Terraform with AWS

By Adam Bertram 10 Sep 2018

Infrastructure as code on AWS can introduce a learning curve, but tools, such as Terraform, can help enterprises meet their IaC goals. Read More

Configure a Server Core installation with the Server Configuration Tool

By Nirmal Sharma 22 Mar 2017

The Microsoft Server Configuration Tool configures several aspects of a Server Core installation in Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016. Read More

Three log analytics use cases set better ops in motion

By Brian Kirsch 30 Jul 2018

The path to more resilient, bug-free and available IT deployments is hiding in plain sight, in log data. Parse short- and long-term data these three ways to improve operations. Read More

4 factors to consider in a Hadoop distributions comparison

By David Loshin 17 Apr 2019

Examine the key characteristics necessary to evaluate in a Hadoop distribution comparison, focusing on enterprise features, subscription options and deployment models. Read More

How can you use Group Policy to tighten PowerShell security?

By Brien Posey 26 Apr 2017

PowerShell can unlock a lot of management capabilities for IT, but it is also a potential security gap. Put Group Policy to work to fill in the hole. Read More

Jenkins Git integration: GitHub pull request via the Git plugin

By Cameron McKenzie 12 Jul 2018

This Jenkins Git integration tutorial demonstrates how to create a freestyle build job that performs a Jenkins GitHub pull request. It's an example of the Jenkins Git plug-in in action. Read More

10 ways to prevent breaches and minimise impact

By Warwick Ashford 16 Jun 2017

Attackers are continually adapting to security technologies to fly under the radar, but taking action in 10 key areas can reduce the risk of breaches and minimise their impact, according to a resilience expert Read More

Linux targeted by illicit cryptocurrency miners

By Warwick Ashford 02 Jul 2018

Cryptojacking is increasingly being used by cyber criminals to raise funds, Watchguard report reveals Read More