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Installing SQL Server client tools on Windows XP Pro

By Kevin Kline 18 Nov 2005

Monitoring and Administration expert Kevin Kline discusses the installation of SQL Server client tools on Windows XP Pro. Read More

Windows 10 security tools to have handy

By Kevin Beaver 13 Jun 2017

Cyberthreats lurk around every corner, so it's always a good time to fortify Windows 10 defenses. These top security tools can help make that happen. Read More

Retrieve a Hyper-V event log with the Get-EventLog cmdlet

By Nirmal Sharma 23 Feb 2018

Use the Get-EventLog PowerShell cmdlet with the desired parameters to retrieve a Hyper-V event log. This command gets errors and warnings and exports them as a CSV file. Read More

What’s Next in Digital Workspaces: 3 Improvements to Look for in 2019

16 Nov 2018

Digital workspaces have emerged as a critical platform for enabling digital transformation. They support a wide range of end users with a secure, attractive and comprehensive digital “desk.” The technology has come... Read More

Microsoft unveils new scripting engine

By Antony Savvas 16 Nov 2006

Microsoft has launched Windows PowerShell 1.0, a command-line shell and scripting tool designed to ease administration and speed automation. Read More

An in-depth look into McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection

By Ed Tittel 28 Jul 2017

McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection is an antimalware protection product that is designed to secure Windows systems against malware, data loss and other threats in standalone or networked environments. Read More

Get started with your first Docker container build

By Alastair Cooke 07 Nov 2018

Many admins have a purely theoretical understanding of containers -- despite the technology's seeming ubiquity. This tutorial offers container newbies the opportunity to get hands-on. Read More

Back up IaaS components for vRealize Automation

By Stephen J. Bigelow 03 Nov 2017

During a vRealize Automation backup, you can use snapshots for IaaS components, but you have to create additional notes and copy configuration files to ensure a complete backup. Read More

Docker on Windows Server allows for container use and management

By Stephen J. Bigelow 14 Sep 2017

Deploy containers on premises, in the cloud or on other systems by installing Docker on Windows Server 2016. Also, download a module to extend PowerShell to manage Docker Engine. Read More

How to make sense of desktop as a service

By Tim Anderson 30 Jul 2018

Does it make sense to move the desktop to the cloud? We look at DaaS and VDI Read More