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Built-in Windows commands to determine if a system has been hacked

By Ed Skoudis 05 Mar 2008

In this tip, contributor Ed Skoudis identifies five of the most useful Windows command-line tools for machine analysis and discusses how they can assist administrators in determining if a machine has been hacked. Read More

ServiWin utility displays all Windows drivers and services

By Serdar Yegulalp 09 Oct 2006

ServiWin, a utility from NirSoft, can replace the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services module in Windows and displays a list of all the available drivers and services in the system. Read More

Windows Server Migration Tools make file share moves less taxing

By Adam Bertram 09 Dec 2016

Administrators can hit a few snags when migrating a Windows file server, but a free Microsoft utility and some PowerShell know-how make the changeover a painless procedure. Read More

How to stop malicious browser add-ons from taking root

By Nick Lewis 12 Jul 2018

Researchers at Malwarebytes discovered several new browser extension threats. Discover how to avoid and properly removed malicious add-ons with expert Nick Lewis. Read More

The most useful new features in Microsoft SQL Server 2019

By Brien Posey 31 Oct 2018

SQL Server 2019 includes welcome new features, particularly updates to its indexing and high availability capabilities and added SQL Server on Linux functionality. Read More

UCaaS products for what every organization needs

By Andrew Froehlich 07 Jun 2019

Check out these UCaaS products to help you make a final decision based on company overview, hardware options and technical support. Read More

Adopt the Git version control system for configuration as code

By Stuart Burns 12 Sep 2018

Configuration files define infrastructure as code, which enables IT admins to control updates and enforce standardization. Start using a version control system to codify configurations with just a handful of ... Read More

How to use a technician machine to create a custom Windows 10 image

14 Aug 2017

IT pros must be able to mold Windows 10 into the OS their organization needs. To do so, they need to first learn to install Windows 10 on a technician machine. Read More

A roundup of the leading EMM providers in today's market

By Matthew David 17 Jan 2018

Just as identifying the need for EMM is important, so is selecting the right vendor. Here's a rundown of leading EMM vendors and an in-depth peek into the products they offer. Read More

Q&A: Jeffrey Snover discusses PowerShell on Linux, Azure Stack snags

By Tom Walat 30 Jun 2017

Jeffrey Snover talks about the reasons Microsoft expanded PowerShell to other OSes and why Azure Stack's release was rescheduled. Read More