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Tough sample Jenkins interview questions and answers for DevOps engineers

By Cameron McKenzie 25 Aug 2018

Applying for an engineering job where continuous integration is part of the description? Here are 10 tough Jenkins interview questions to prepare you for the DevOps engineering interview. Read More

The top Windows Server tutorials and tips of 2016

By Tom Walat 30 Dec 2016

A new operating system sparked Windows administrator's interest in 2016, as did information about using PowerShell to manage Windows Server and ways to deflect ransomware attacks. Read More

How limiting administrative access can protect your enterprise

By Joseph Granneman 22 Dec 2016

Limiting administrative access can strengthen an enterprise's security posture significantly. Expert Joe Granneman discusses why this is such an important practice. Read More

Put your Windows 10 deployments on AutoPilot

By Aaron Parker 20 Sep 2017

Aaron Parker talks cloud management, MDM, and provisioning for Windows 10. Read More

How do you change ESXi 6.5 host names and DNS configuration?

By Vladan Seget 12 Apr 2017

Admins have options when it comes to changing an ESXi 6.5 host name, but only the vSphere Web Client has full functionality in the latest release. Read More

Evaluate ChatOps tools and bots for the right fit

By Kurt Marko 02 Jan 2018

ChatOps is still a niche in IT operations and DevOps shops, but organizations that have set it up love it. That means you should join the fun and give it a try. Here's what you need to know about ChatOps tools. Read More

Does Windows 10 virtualization-based security defend the OS?

By Eddie Lockhart 03 Oct 2017

With Windows 10, Microsoft emphasized virtualization-based security, such as Device Guard and Credential Guard, to keep corporate information off users' devices. Read More

Compare different vCenter Server editions to find what fits

By Vladan Seget 30 Nov 2017

Compare and contrast vCenter Server licensing options, and choose what's best based on how much support you need and how many ESXi hosts you want to manage. Read More

Trend Micro OfficeScan endpoint protection software and its offerings

By Ed Tittel 31 Jul 2017

Expert contributor Ed Tittel takes a look at Trend Micro OfficeScan, an endpoint protection product with antivirus and antimalware functionality for physical and virtualized endpoints. Read More

Tighten security with regimen of scanning, Windows Server patching

By Kevin Beaver 14 Sep 2016

Regular vulnerability scans can close holes in the IT security perimeter when paired with a regimented Windows Server patching process. Read More