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Windows Cloud Download is another step towards modern management

By Kyle Johnson 03 Oct 2019

Get back to work quicker with Cloud Download, which helps you avoid the fun of updating for days after reinstalling. Read More

Maximize application performance with VDI optimization tools

By Alastair Cooke 06 Jun 2019

IT administrators should look into different VDI optimization tools to reduce the amount of resources used and maximize performance. Learn all about these tools and their benefits. Read More

Is it a security risk to have Microsoft Windows PowerShell on my desktops?

By Brien Posey 19 May 2015

Microsoft Windows PowerShell is a versatile and powerful command-line tool for administrators, but it's probably not something users need installed on their desktops. Read More

End-user computing trends of the past, present and future

By Jack Madden 24 Oct 2019

The last 20 years were a journey from homogeneous to heterogeneous EUC environments. One question for the next 20 is how well we will finish adapting to this new world. Read More

5 enterprise patch management best practices

By Andrew Froehlich 12 Aug 2019

It might not be the most exciting of responsibilities, but the value of enterprise patch management cannot be denied. Review these best practices to build a smooth patching process. Read More

Remote administration tools readied for Windows Server 2008

26 Mar 2008

IT managers can monitor Windows Server 2008 from a desktop that runs Vista with Service Pack 1. Read More

How to use PowerCLI and how it can help you

By Brian Kirsch 10 Oct 2019

PowerCLI enables you to use PowerShell commands to automate a VMware environment, streamlining your system and adding simplicity compared to using a GUI. Here's how to get started. Read More

How to use VMware Horizon Performance Tracker

01 Nov 2019

A good user experience is essential for VDI. Learn how to install and use VMware Horizon Performance Tracker to take the pulse of end-user experience. Read More

How to rebuild the SYSVOL tree using DFSR

By Gary Olsen 25 Sep 2019

Active Directory is the key component in many organizations to keep tabs on access and identity. If the SYSVOL directory disappears, these steps can get the system fixed. Read More

Perform these steps to monitor Windows Server with Nagios Core

By Adam Bertram 23 Oct 2019

Nagios is no newbie to the server monitoring world, but setting it up for Windows takes a few extra steps. Learn how Nagios Core, originally meant for Linux, can monitor Windows servers. Read More