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Support Hyper-V security with these important protocols

By Stefani Muñoz 10 Jul 2019

A virtual environment's security can make the difference when it comes to malicious attacks, preventing unauthorized OS or firmware codes from running at boot time. Read More

April Patch Tuesday closes 2 zero-day exploits

By Tom Walat 09 Apr 2019

In addition to Microsoft's fixes, administrators should patch holes in several Adobe products to keep attackers from creating havoc in their systems. Read More

Discover the top Windows Server and PowerShell tutorials of 2018

By Kristen Gloss 17 Dec 2018

Administrators can level up their management game with these Windows Server tips and PowerShell tutorials that got the most attention on the SearchWindowsServer site in 2018. Read More

Windows 10 customizations for enterprise desktops

By Robert Sheldon 04 Feb 2019

Microsoft offers different services that IT can use to adjust its users' desktop experience. These Windows 10 customizations are a must in an admin's toolbox. Read More

How does Windows 8.1 support affect Active Directory?

By Dan Sullivan 11 Feb 2015

Windows 8.1 support for endpoint security includes Open MDM and biometrics, but removing Remote Server Administration Tools can affect Active Directory. Read More

What is network traffic analytics and how does it enhance security?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 08 May 2019

Network traffic analysis has evolved to incorporate machine learning techniques that help identify network security threats in real time and expedite a response. Read More

Windows Admin Center lures IT pros with Azure integration

By Dan Franciscus 11 Dec 2018

If System Center is overkill for your needs and the older tools aren't up to task, then the Windows Admin Center just might be the tool to manage your data center. Read More

Examining Windows 10 ETL files

By Ed Tittel 13 May 2019

When examining Windows 10 ETL files, you'll see a lot of them sometimes. If they take up a lot of (or too much) disk space, it's OK to whack them. Here's how . . . Read More

Getting up to date with Windows 8 tools and terminology

24 Jul 2014

Windows 8 tools have multiplied, and some can help IT with administration, migration and security. We've also gathered relevant definitions. Read More

Windows security administration using command-line tools

By Kevin Beaver 20 Jun 2007

Perform more effective Windows security administration with a bunch of command-line tools that will broaden the security of your customers' hard drives, remote hosts, connections, directories and more. Check out ... Read More