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IT's guide to Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC

By Robert Sheldon 24 Jun 2019

The Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC release includes a number of new management capabilities. IT administrators should be aware of the new features and enhancements. Read More

Using the Sysinternals Sysmon tool to check DNS queries

By Dan Franciscus 26 Aug 2019

A recent update to the Sysinternals Sysmon utility adds DNS query logging to give deeper insights into the connections made by your Windows machines. Read More

Microsoft Azure Arc faces cautiously interested user base

By Chris Kanaracus, Ed Scannell 05 Nov 2019

The hybrid cloud offering, announced this week at Ignite, will let users manage across multi-cloud, on-premises and edge environments -- but is it relevant? Customers weigh in. Read More

Windows and Linux: What systems administrators need to know

By Tom Walat 17 Jun 2019

The lines between Windows Server and Linux continue to blur. Discover what Windows administrators need to know to get up to speed with these new Linux features. Read More

IT wary of Windows 10 adoption despite approaching deadline

By Yuuki Nishida 04 Jun 2019

With the Windows 7 end of support date approaching, IT professionals must migrate to Windows 10. However, skepticism over Windows 10 adoption still remains despite the deadline. Read More

3 steps to lock down VDI security

By Erica Mixon 27 Sep 2019

Despite a popular myth, virtual desktops are susceptible to security breaches just like traditional desktops. IT admins can improve VDI security by following these best practices. Read More

7 Windows Server 2019 features to know

By Kristen Gloss 28 May 2019

If administrators want to get the most from Windows Server 2019 features, they should familiarize themselves with this cheat sheet of the improvements Microsoft has made. Read More

On Windows, PowerShell vs. Bash comparison gets interesting

By Adam Bertram 16 Aug 2019

Windows admins have the option to use Bash, a Linux shell, but the command-line tool doesn't stack up one-to-one with PowerShell for Windows deployments. Read More

Can you ace this quiz on Windows Server 2019 HCI?

By Kristen Gloss 07 Jun 2019

With each new server release, Microsoft gives administrators a whole new slew of features to learn. Challenge yourself on how well you know the Windows Server HCI features. Read More

Construct a solid Active Directory password policy

By Tim Warner 19 Jul 2019

Most user authentication still relies on a strong password to keep attackers at bay. Here's how to keep your guard up without adding to your administrative workload. Read More