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Welcome to Microsoft Desktop Analytics, the Windows Analytics successor

By Kyle Johnson 03 Sep 2019

Now in public preview, Microsoft presents Desktop Analytics as the next chapter for Windows Analytics. Read More

Windows security administration using command-line tools

By Kevin Beaver 20 Jun 2007

Perform more effective Windows security administration with a bunch of command-line tools that will broaden the security of your customers' hard drives, remote hosts, connections, directories and more. Check out ... Read More

How to locate privileged accounts in Active Directory

By Tim Warner 24 Jun 2019

IT administrators must be able to identify privileged accounts in Active Directory for a more secure enterprise; two methods can make the task easier. Read More

Get to know Linux desktop security best practices

By Kevin Beaver 03 Jun 2019

IT pros managing Linux desktops must take the time to keep their users' workstations secure while packaging them with the appropriate apps. Watch out for these security challenges. Read More

What are some potential Windows Server cluster set snags?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 21 Mar 2019

Windows Server 2019 cluster sets bring some Azure-like capabilities into the data center, but new features also bring new challenges for administrators. Read More

Kubernetes on Windows nodes hits GA in Rancher, Amazon EKS

By Beth Pariseau 10 Oct 2019

Windows host support in Kubernetes reached a milestone with general availability from container management vendors, which makes containers more accessible for legacy apps. Read More

Understand Azure Update Management basics

By Kristen Gloss 26 Mar 2019

Microsoft provides a variety of tools that IT administrators can use to simplify update deployment, including Azure Update Management. Find out if the service will work with your systems. Read More

How do I manage ACL folder permissions with a PowerShell script?

By Anthony Howell 19 Sep 2019

PowerShell scripts make short work of repetitive Windows tasks, saving admins time, effort and frustration. One simple area admins can manage with scripts is the access control list. Read More

Microsoft’s modern desktop management

By Tim Anderson 03 Jun 2019

How cloud services make the critical business of keeping Windows 10 patched and up to date easier for administrators Read More

Exchange troubleshooting tools help unclog email issues

By Nathan O'Bryan 28 Aug 2019

When problems with email occur, they can stem from an improper configuration of the Exchange Server system. Here's how to unravel some common messaging platform problems. Read More