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Five ways to fix Git's 'fatal: repository not found' error

By Cameron McKenzie 10 May 2019

Frustrated by Git's 'fatal: repository not found' error message? Here are five ways to fix that problem and successfully clone, fetch and pull from your repo. Read More

How does IT sideload apps in Windows 10?

By Robert Sheldon 01 Feb 2019

There are certain cases that make sense for IT to sideload LOB apps to prevent them from reaching the Microsoft Store. Here's how to successfully perform the process. Read More

VDI image optimizers: Always useful, and now even more important

By Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk 03 Apr 2019

Thanks to Windows 10 and the cloud, you’re probably spending more time working on optimization than ever before. Read More

Virtualization cost-savings methods for IT administrators

By Brien Posey 19 Apr 2019

The biggest costs in any virtualization environment tend to be licenses, hardware acquisition, support and maintenance, so that's where you should look for ways to reduce expenses. Read More

6 top hyper-converged infrastructure management tips

By James Alan Miller 28 Jun 2019

These tips address specific aspects of HCI management and illustrate ways to better integrate these systems with third-party tools and overall IT infrastructure. Read More

Use these 5 PowerCLI cmdlets to automate vCenter tasks

By Dan Franciscus 19 Jun 2019

With just a handful of cmdlets -- Get-VM, Set-VM, Start-VM, Stop-VM and Stop-VMGuest -- you can use PowerCLI to automate vCenter tasks at scale, something you can't do with a GUI. Read More

Set up users with key PowerShell Active Directory commands

By Richard Siddaway 26 Feb 2019

User management in Active Directory doesn't have to fill you with click-induced anxiety. Try these PowerShell tips for a more efficient way to get this work done. Read More

How to deal with the on-premises vs. cloud challenge

By Brian Kirsch 09 Jul 2019

Some tools and applications aren't a good fit outside of the data center. Try these tactics to cope as more tools and application vendors start to migrate to the cloud. Read More

Got infrastructure needs? These PowerShell tutorials can help

By Tom Walat 29 Mar 2019

From streamlining remote sessions to setting up an SSL certificate, these PowerShell tutorials show IT admins how to get more done with the management tool. Read More

How to add MDT applications with Chocolatey package manager

By Dan Franciscus 01 May 2019

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit allows administrators to install applications during deployment. Here's how IT can simplify the process with Chocolatey's command-line input. Read More