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With Packer, VM template creation is easy

By Dan Franciscus 20 Aug 2019

Templates are the quickest, easiest way to deploy VMs in vSphere. You can use a free tool such as Packer and a builder such as vmware-iso to automate the creation of VM templates. Read More

System administrator skills you need to succeed in the cloud

By Kristen Gloss 14 May 2019

Cloud technology gives IT administrators more tools to manage enterprise resources than ever before, but the expanding technology also requires admins to develop a new skill set. Read More

How to add the App Compatibility Feature on Demand to Server Core

By Tim Warner 16 May 2019

Microsoft closed the functionality gap between Server Core and full desktop deployments with the App Compatibility feature, but will it entice admins to the GUI-less server? Read More

How does Windows 8.1 support affect Active Directory?

By Dan Sullivan 11 Feb 2015

Windows 8.1 support for endpoint security includes Open MDM and biometrics, but removing Remote Server Administration Tools can affect Active Directory. Read More

Getting up to date with Windows 8 tools and terminology

24 Jul 2014

Windows 8 tools have multiplied, and some can help IT with administration, migration and security. We've also gathered relevant definitions. Read More

Storage Migration Service eases Windows Server transfers

By Robert Sheldon 16 Jan 2019

See how SMS eases the process of migrating Windows servers, simplifying the administrator's job and minimizing the disruptions to users and applications. Read More

How to keep VM sprawl in check

By Brian Kirsch 19 Sep 2019

Virtualization improves hardware use, but the pendulum can swing the other way and result in an overallocation of resources. Here's how to maintain the balance. Read More

How do you build Windows Server 2019 cluster sets?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 15 Mar 2019

Microsoft debuted cluster sets in its Windows Server 2019 release. Here's a rundown on how to deploy this high availability feature in your organization. Read More

Windows virtual desktop software gets closer to public release

By Jesse Scardina 17 Jul 2019

As a potential release date for Windows Virtual Desktop looms, Microsoft is making sure its most popular applications are optimized to run within a virtualized environment. Read More

4 Windows Server 2019 storage features to ease management

By Kristen Gloss 16 Apr 2019

Microsoft includes storage features in Windows Server 2019 to ease migration and create highly available and scalable software-defined storage in data centers. Read More