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How does Windows 8.1 support affect Active Directory?

By Dan Sullivan 11 Feb 2015

Windows 8.1 support for endpoint security includes Open MDM and biometrics, but removing Remote Server Administration Tools can affect Active Directory. Read More

Getting up to date with Windows 8 tools and terminology

24 Jul 2014

Windows 8 tools have multiplied, and some can help IT with administration, migration and security. We've also gathered relevant definitions. Read More

Latest Microsoft SDDC updates improve security, performance

By Tom Walat 19 Apr 2019

Microsoft enhanced Windows Server 2019 software-defined networking and other virtualization facets of its latest server OS to improve security and increase workload performance. Read More

Wireshark tutorial: How to use Wireshark to sniff network traffic

By Mike Chapple 13 Aug 2019

Learn how to use the Wireshark packet analyzer to monitor network traffic, as well as how to use the Wireshark packet sniffer for network traffic analysis and inspection. Read More

How is the Microsoft SDDC concept becoming a reality?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 19 Mar 2019

The promise of a software-defined infrastructure and its ability to pool resources require the right administrative tool to keep the virtualized fabric from fraying. Read More

Effectively manage containers and improve workload performance

By Stefani Muñoz 18 Jul 2019

Containers are increasingly popular, so it's vital that admins understand the tools available and learn how to manage containers before deploying them in production environments. Read More

Get to know Hyper-V 2019 new features and functionality

By Brien Posey 06 Sep 2019

Window Server 2019 showed fewer new features than first expected, but Hyper-V admins can benefit from improved support for shielded VMs and the new Admin Center feature. Read More

Problem with administrative tools after Windows NT upgrade

By Paul Hinsberg 20 Aug 2005

An admin has migrated from Windows NT to Windows Server 2003, but administration tools are not working. Read More

Future of PowerShell lies in DevOps, cloud resource management

By Adam Bertram 20 Jun 2019

While PowerShell isn't the only automation and scripting tool that fits in IT pros' cloud and CI/CD toolboxes, it won't fall out of favor any time soon. Read More