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Tap the Chocolatey package manager to usher in Windows DevOps

By Dan Franciscus 09 Oct 2018

Create a Chocolatey package with this tutorial on DevOps for Windows. Simplify package management and installation, and swap the GUI for a CLI client. Read More

The keys IT needs to manage Windows 10 Mobile devices

By Robert Sheldon 28 Feb 2017

IT admins tasked with enrolling and managing Windows 10 Mobile devices can turn to the operating system's built-in mobile device management client. Read More

DaaS may encourage organizations to adopt Macs and Chromebooks

By Jack Madden 16 Sep 2019

New options for delivering remote Windows apps in the cloud, combined with the maturity of SaaS apps, Chromebooks and Mac management, means organizations can offer users more choices. Read More

September Patch Tuesday addresses 2 Windows zero-days

By Tom Walat 11 Sep 2019

Microsoft issues fixes for 79 unique vulnerabilities, including three public disclosures, as part of its monthly security updates. Read More

Using Diskpart to create, extend or delete a disk partition

06 Jul 2016

Diskpart is a disk management tool designed to create, delete and resize hard drive partitions, and assign or reassign drive letters in Windows client and server operating systems. Read More

How to manage Windows Virtual Desktop printing problems

By Brien Posey 18 Jul 2019

Windows Virtual Desktop printing is somewhat complicated. Learn about the products that can simplify print management for IT and make printing more seamless for end users. Read More

How to automate patch management in Windows

By Adam Bertram 29 Aug 2019

Automating Windows updates with PowerShell will ease some of the labor associated with the routine patch deployment process. Read More

Combine Puppet and Chocolatey to drive Windows DevOps

By Dan Franciscus 19 Jul 2019

Through the use of Puppet and Chocolatey side by side, Windows IT professionals can use Linux-like DevOps tools to automate the deployment and configuration of their systems. Read More

A quick look at deviceTRUST, a simple conditional access tool for virtual desktop environments

By Jack Madden 15 Jul 2019

deviceTRUST rides entirely on top of your existing desktop virtualization environment and is configured via Group Policy, so it can be used without any additional infrastructure at all. Read More