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Use this Microsoft deployment tool for easier setups

By Dan Franciscus 31 Oct 2018

It's not new, but the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit tends to be overlooked when administrators need a way to set up Windows in an automated fashion. See why MDT is worth using. Read More

Citrix Synergy 2019: The BrianMadden.com preview

By Jack Madden 14 May 2019

Citrix has to strike a careful balance between their constituencies, but no matter what, we’re looking forward to all the product and strategy news at Citrix Synergy 2019.. Read More

Construct a solid Active Directory password policy

By Tim Warner 19 Jul 2019

Most user authentication still relies on a strong password to keep attackers at bay. Here's how to keep your guard up without adding to your administrative workload. Read More

How the SaltStack architecture enables config management at scale

By Adam Bertram 01 Feb 2019

SaltStack's one-to-many communication model enables it to manage configurations in massive IT deployments without network strain. To get the most out of SaltStack, understand ZeroMQ. Read More

Compare the top vendors of thin client systems

By Ed Hardy 30 Jan 2019

Explore some of the top thin client systems currently on the market -- based on industry, cost and data usage -- to help you make the right buying decision. Read More

How does Microsoft RemoteApp server-based virtualization work?

By Robert Sheldon 18 Dec 2018

With RemoteApp, users can access virtual apps that reside in a data center or in a cloud-based VM rather than locally on their devices. The app still behaves as though it's local. Read More

How RDS licensing rules work and recommendations to follow

29 Nov 2018

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services licensing policies can be confusing if you don't know the Client Access Licenses and Remote Desktop Services roles. Read More

How does a client-based application with Microsoft App-V work?

By Robert Sheldon 29 Aug 2018

The app virtualization world is confusing. Get some clarity on how client-based app deployment works by taking a closer look at Microsoft App-V. Read More

CIO interview: Chris Worle, chief digital officer, Hargreaves Lansdown

By Mark Samuels 05 Jun 2019

Former marketing director is defining the newly created CDO role at the financial services firm, and is starting to appreciate the cultural changes involved in digital transformation Read More

NFS vs. CIFS/SMB: What are the differences?

13 Nov 2018

Network File System and Common Internet File System/Server Message Block were designed to work with any operating system, but NFS remains dominant in Linux and SMB in Windows. Read More