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Using PowerShell for Azure service principal authentication

By Adam Bertram 24 Jun 2019

With help from the Azure PowerShell module, you can avoid login prompts and automate the authentication process when using service principals on Microsoft's cloud platform. Read More

CyberX launches partner program in IoT security market

By John Moore 13 Dec 2019

Managed service providers, consultancies and integrators are among the channel partners participating in CyberX's partner program; more news from the week. Read More

How to optimize Citrix and Microsoft deployments for VDI

By Marius Sandbu 31 Jul 2019

Citrix and Microsoft offer a variety of integrations to enhance their products. Find out what they are, and how organizations running VDI can take advantage of them. Read More

Aberdeen Standard Investment deploys Igel for VDI

By Cliff Saran 03 Sep 2019

The investment management group is rolling out virtual desktop infrastructure globally and will use the secure Linux platform Igel to manage the VDI environment Read More

Modern devices and UEM mean more competition for VDI/DaaS/RDSH use cases

By Jack Madden 14 Mar 2019

By UEM, we mean unified endpoint management. :) Read More

On-premises server monitoring tools meet business needs, budget

By Brian Kirsch 31 Dec 2019

Compare these eight on-premises network, server and application monitoring tools to determine which best fits your organization's specific use cases, business needs and budget. Read More

China bans foreign computing kit from government contracts

By Alex Scroxton 09 Dec 2019

All government offices and public institutions must eliminate foreign hardware and software within three years, according to a leaked directive dubbed 3-5-2 Read More

How to choose the right mobile device for business

By Robert Sheldon 25 Sep 2019

Explore three criteria to look at when evaluating which mobile device is best suited for your organization. These include ease of use, as well as security and tablets vs. smartphones. Read More

How Linux thin clients have improved

By Alastair Cooke 29 Oct 2018

VDI shops should consider Linux-based thin clients as endpoints for their users for several reasons, including the fact that they are cheaper than Windows thin clients. Read More