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Save on licensing with a multi-hypervisor environment

By Brian Kirsch 26 Jun 2019

Shifting some workloads from VMware to Hyper-V to rely on multiple hypervisors takes time and effort, but the flexibility and cost savings might just be worth it. Read More

Benefits of multi-user Windows 10 in Windows Virtual Desktop

By Robert Sheldon 22 Mar 2019

Windows Virtual Desktop could be a game-changer in the DaaS market with the introduction of multi-user Windows 10. Understand the pros and cons of this new service. Read More

Top 4 NAS backup strategies for your data protection

By Pierre Dorion 23 Apr 2019

Whether justified or simply because the technology was misunderstood, backing up NAS devices was once considered a challenge. Now, you have several options for proper NAS backup. Read More

What customers need to know about Windows Virtual Desktop

By Kevin Goodman 27 Mar 2019

WVD brings distinct advantages to the table, with a few caveats. Read More

Netskope announces enterprise application security platform

By Tanner Harding 18 Jun 2019

Netskope for Private Access is a cloud-based platform that secures private enterprise applications on public clouds and in on-premises data centers using zero-trust access. Read More

How to add MDT applications with Chocolatey package manager

By Dan Franciscus 01 May 2019

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit allows administrators to install applications during deployment. Here's how IT can simplify the process with Chocolatey's command-line input. Read More

S/4HANA migration needs strong project management

By Jim O'Donnell 31 Jul 2019

Vinci Energies Group shows that an SAP S/4HANA migration is a difficult project that requires strong management, but the new functions have real business value. Read More

What OSes does Azure Update Management handle?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 09 Jan 2019

Azure Update Management supports a large number of Windows and Linux systems on premises and in the cloud, but there are certain requirements to meet to utilize the service. Read More

Top 10 end user computing stories of 2018

By Cliff Saran 18 Dec 2018

Processor flaws, browser-based desktop IT and the idea of a fully managed PC service were among the hot topics this year Read More

MSP ransomware attack exploits privileged users' credentials

By Spencer Smith 27 Sep 2019

WatchGuard Technologies said recent MSP ransomware attacks revealed that hackers have detailed knowledge of managed service providers' internal operations and technologies. Read More