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Automate Windows configurations with Boxstarter and Chocolatey

By Dan Franciscus 11 Apr 2019

Follow this Boxstarter tutorial to install the open source tool, and use it alongside PowerShell, Chocolatey and GitHub gists for streamlined and repeatable Windows configurations. Read More

March Patch Tuesday shuts down two zero-day exploits

By Kristen Gloss 12 Mar 2019

In addition to the March Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft's attempts at improving performance following Spectre variant 2 patches backfire for some users on Windows 10. Read More

Friday Notebook, April 26: Microsoft and Citrix earnings; Nerdio for Azure Core

By Jack Madden 26 Apr 2019

Also: Workspace One Intelligent Hub; Chrome extensions; the year of VDI; 5G; DeX; passwords; and more! Read More

5 Microsoft PowerApps use cases in the enterprise

By Reda Chouffani 20 Jun 2019

Organizations use Microsoft PowerApps to simplify a number of tasks, including employee onboarding, inspections, new user setups, service requests and more. Read More

Google Chrome: It’s more than a browser

By Richard Edwards 23 Nov 2018

Google Chrome Enterprise. What is it and how might it affect your digital workplace strategy? Take control now and don't loosen your grip. Read More

Virtual application delivery methods to know

By Yuuki Nishida 05 Apr 2019

It can be intimidating to choose the best virtual application delivery method. Take a look at the different options to determine the best one for your organization. Read More

Tech buyer rights raised in Cisco vulnerability

By Antone Gonsalves 31 May 2019

The seriousness of the Cisco vulnerability, Thrangycat, raises the question of tech buyers' rights when dealing with such a serious flaw in a vendor's hardware. Read More

Quobyte Data Center File System 2.0

By Carol Sliwa 10 Feb 2019

Startup Quobyte's 'up-and-comer' distributed parallel file system caught judges' attention as being easier to deploy, operate and manage in high-performance environments. Read More

What's the difference between applet and application in Java?

By Cameron McKenzie 24 Jun 2019

Java applets are no longer supported. How do they differ from applications? Let's explore their differences, as well as a brief history of the two terms among Java developers. Read More

Diverse VDI endpoints require new management methods in 2019

By John Powers 19 Dec 2018

IT professionals must make sure they are prepared to manage different types of endpoints as a part of their VDI deployments because the modern workforce requires it. Read More