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The history of virtualization and its mark on data center management

By Stefani Muñoz 24 Oct 2019

Virtualization was a huge leap in data center technology with software such as hypervisors and virtual switches that expanded organizations' capabilities and redefined IT. Read More

Choosing the right thin client device: Linux, Windows, and the Software that Manages them

By Brian Madden 30 Sep 2005

Even if you decide to go with thin client devices, the decisions about which thin client device you should use is almost as complex as your server architecture... Throw in the management software choices and you ... Read More

Find the right tool using this antimalware software comparison

By Ed Tittel 18 Mar 2019

Compare endpoint antimalware software products for organizations based on features, level of protection and vendor offerings. Read More

What’s new with printing for Windows Virtual Desktop

By Bas van Kaam 09 May 2019

Bas van Kaam looks at how it works, and how third-party vendors are addressing WVD, including Tricerat and ThinPrint. Read More

Ransomware authors seeking new ways to avoid being spotted

By Alex Scroxton 05 Nov 2019

Sector analysis from Sophos has revealed some insight into how malware authors are adapting to thwart cyber security controls Read More

Windows Compatibility module expands PowerShell Core reach

By Richard Siddaway 29 Apr 2019

The PowerShell team closed the cmdlet coverage gap with a compatibility module release for PowerShell Core, but its use requires some caution. Read More

Get started with native Windows mobile app development

By Matthew David 15 Jul 2019

There are pros and cons to embarking on Windows mobile app development. Find out if developing natively in Windows is right for your company. Read More

VDI reimagined

By Cliff Saran 09 May 2019

A demo at this week’s .Next conference in Anaheim gave a snapshot of how far modern VDI has come. Virtual desktops  should not be considered just as an option for users who only require low ... Read More

Azure Bastion brings convenience, security to VM management

By Tim Warner 14 Nov 2019

This cloud service gets around the problem associated with jump servers and cloaks the identity of your VMs to avoid potential security issues. Read More

Clear the confusion around Microsoft RDS

By Robert Sheldon 20 Dec 2018

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is often pigeonholed as a session-based virtualization tool. IT can, however, use it for both VDI and app virtualization, as well. Read More