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Black Hat 2019 brings out new security, protection offerings

By Sabrina Polin 12 Aug 2019

The 22nd Black Hat conference in Las Vegas brought together a slew of vendors in network and data security with a variety of security offerings to pitch. Read More

Friday Notebook, January 25: Office 365 is finally in the Mac App Store

By Jack Madden 25 Jan 2019

Also: Jamf Connect; Defining conditional access; MSIX; iOS apps and BYOD; MTD data from Symantec; Citrix earnings; IGEL; CloudJumper growth, and more. Read More

Choosing the right thin client device: Linux, Windows, and the Software that Manages them

By Brian Madden 30 Sep 2005

Even if you decide to go with thin client devices, the decisions about which thin client device you should use is almost as complex as your server architecture... Throw in the management software choices and you ... Read More

VDI trends toward DaaS, mobility in 2019

By Eddie Lockhart 18 Dec 2018

With the new year approaching, the time is right to reset the VDI table and look at the rise of desktop as a service and mobile devices as VDI endpoints. Read More

Boost disk management in Windows efficiency with PowerCLI

By Dan Franciscus 05 Nov 2018

Extend a Windows hard disk in VMware vSphere with commands and functions from PowerCLI. Automate the management of hard disks with these steps focused on Windows Server 2012 R2. Read More

Top 20 cloud backup services for 2019

By Chris Evans 15 Jul 2019

Before selecting a service from a cloud backup vendor, identify your organization's specific needs, including which features are important for security and data management. Read More

SAP security risks need more attention, but patching is a challenge

By Christine Parizo 27 Mar 2019

SAP organizations are more vulnerable than ever, as hackers are increasingly targeting ERP systems. Experts warn SAP customers to implement security patches early and often. Read More

Cisco brings Webex Teams messaging to Jabber client

By Jonathan Dame 04 Dec 2018

Cisco is bringing Webex Teams messaging, file sharing, presence and search features to the Jabber client as part of a broader effort to streamline its UC apps. Read More

IoT botnets reach new threshold in Q2 of 2019

By Anthony Giandomenico 14 Aug 2019

Defending against the rising number and increasing sophistication of IoT botnet attacks isn't an easy task. Learn about the latest threats and the techniques to mitigate them. Read More

Microsoft zero-day vulnerability closed on Patch Tuesday

By Kristen Gloss 12 Feb 2019

Administrators should prioritize patching systems affected by a zero-day vulnerability resolved by the February Patch Tuesday updates. Read More