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Digital workspace portals are getting all the attention in EUC, but they’re not the only way to work

By Jack Madden 25 Jul 2019

There are lots of other ways for users to do their job—everything doesn’t have to be wrapped up in a single app. Read More

Microsoft Azure partners get new tool, migration program

12 Jul 2019

Microsoft has uncorked a series of announcements on the eve of Microsoft Inspire, many of them focused on Microsoft Azure management and migration; more news from the week. Read More

Micro VMs can present unique management challenges

By Brien Posey 19 Jun 2019

The haphazard deployment of micro VMs can eventually lead to issues ranging from IP address depletion to serious performance problems resulting from extreme resource contention. Read More

Friday Notebook, April 26: Microsoft and Citrix earnings; Nerdio for Azure Core

By Jack Madden 26 Apr 2019

Also: Workspace One Intelligent Hub; Chrome extensions; the year of VDI; 5G; DeX; passwords; and more! Read More

Client virtualization still has its fans and use cases: A look at Hysolate and Qubes OS

By Kyle Johnson 29 May 2019

Isolation starting from the operating system is one way to ensure data protection without restricting user productivity. Read More

VMware Horizon 7.6 includes vGPU vMotion, QoS for Blast Extreme

By Rob Bastiaansen 15 Oct 2018

Horizon 7.6 feature enhancements include support for virtual desktop migrations, improvements to the Blast Extreme protocol, geolocation redirection and clipboard auditing. Read More

Virtual application delivery methods to know

By Yuuki Nishida 05 Apr 2019

It can be intimidating to choose the best virtual application delivery method. Take a look at the different options to determine the best one for your organization. Read More

Diverse VDI endpoints require new management methods in 2019

By John Powers 19 Dec 2018

IT professionals must make sure they are prepared to manage different types of endpoints as a part of their VDI deployments because the modern workforce requires it. Read More

How desktop and app virtualization vendors handle mobile devices

By Robert Sheldon 09 Aug 2018

If IT pros want to provide their users with access to virtual desktops and apps on mobile devices, they should know which vendors offer which virtualization services. Read More

Quobyte Data Center File System 2.0

By Carol Sliwa 10 Feb 2019

Startup Quobyte's 'up-and-comer' distributed parallel file system caught judges' attention as being easier to deploy, operate and manage in high-performance environments. Read More