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3 VDI management New Year's resolutions for 2019

By John Powers 12 Dec 2018

IT professionals making New Year's resolutions should take a look at their VDI management approach and find ways to improve it with technology such as AIOps. Read More

Settle the debate on how to deploy Windows 10 desktops

By Eddie Lockhart 14 Nov 2018

IT pros have a decision to make when delivering and managing Windows 10. They can use a DaaS provider, manage the desktops with cloud-based tools or keep everything on premises. Read More

Black Hat 2019 brings out new security, protection offerings

By Sabrina Polin 12 Aug 2019

The 22nd Black Hat conference in Las Vegas brought together a slew of vendors in network and data security with a variety of security offerings to pitch. Read More

Top 20 cloud backup services for 2019

By Chris Evans 15 Jul 2019

Before selecting a service from a cloud backup vendor, identify your organization's specific needs, including which features are important for security and data management. Read More

Friday Notebook, September 28: Citrix plans to resell Microsoft 365, become a CSP, and sell DaaS

By Jack Madden 28 Sep 2018

Also: CloudJumper; Apple macOS Mojave and DEP security issues; Android Management API is out of beta; Fusion 11; all things Ignite; and more! Read More

Pester tests help pinpoint infrastructure issues

By Richard Siddaway 21 Aug 2019

The Pester testing framework gives IT pros a way to develop sophisticated and consistent testing routines that monitoring tools just can't duplicate. Read More

Client virtualization, part 1: Is it the past or the future? (With a retrospective on XenClient)

By Rachel Berry 14 Feb 2019

Part 1 examines why type-1 (bare metal) hypervisor is the way to go, and uses XenClient XT as an example of why early efforts failed. Read More

Remote Desktop Services fireworks at Microsoft Ignite 2018

By Benny Tritsch 04 Oct 2018

Benny provides more info that Microsoft revealed about RDS and WVD at the show. Read More

How to successfully migrate Exchange Servers

By Kristen Gloss 30 Apr 2019

Admins have a few options to upgrade their servers, but whether they choose cloud or on premises, the update process involves the same steps to transition old servers and avoid issues. Read More

A look at MobileIron’s zero sign-on and passwordless authentication plans

By Jack Madden 23 Jul 2019

MobileIron’s “zero sign-on” tech uses phones to authenticate when accessing SaaS apps from unmanaged devices. Read More