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How to use PowerShell to troubleshoot Windows desktops

By Dan Franciscus 08 Jan 2019

When IT uses remote access to troubleshoot a user's desktop, it prevents the user from working. PowerShell, however, allows IT to fix a problem without disturbing the user. Read More

RDmi is a milestone for the future of RDS. Here’s how it works

By Benny Tritsch ,Kristin L. Griffin 25 Jun 2018

RDmi remains in private Technical Preview, but it’s already an exciting milestone with huge potential. Read More

APAC SMEs still hanging on to older PCs

By Aaron Tan 04 Oct 2018

A majority of small and medium-sized business in Asia-Pacific are still using PCs older than four years out of cost and application compatibility concerns Read More

Bromium Protected App: Bromium is finding additional use cases for their micro-VM technology

By Rachel Berry 10 Dec 2018

Previously, Bromium’s goal was to keep an entire laptop protected. Their new product is now targeting other forms of isolation. Read More

Citrix Workspace Hub: Labor of love; not a full-fledged thin client option

By Kyle Johnson 08 Oct 2018

Not designed to be an actual competitor, but remains a good, low-cost option. Read More

Latest update takes Arcserve RHA to the cloud

By Johnny Yu 05 Jun 2019

Arcserve enhances its RHA disaster recovery software, enabling cloud-to-cloud failback, as well as the ability to continuously replicate from on premises to a public cloud. Read More

WebExec vulnerability leaves Webex open to insider attacks

By Michael Heller 26 Oct 2018

A remote code execution flaw in Cisco Webex -- called WebExec -- could be an easy vector for insider attacks, and the researchers who found it say it's easier to exploit than detect. Read More

Acronis Cyber Platform APIs to spark new channel business

26 Apr 2019

Acronis aims to broaden the services and product integrations available to its partners, thanks to new developer APIs for the Acronis Cyber Platform; other news from the week. Read More

Is Linux IoT a potential big new market for EUC vendors?

By Kyle Johnson 20 Nov 2018

As EUC vendors look to make the jump into IoT, Linux is a popular option thanks to its lightweight nature. Read More

Manage an ESXi firewall with PowerCLI and ESXCLI

By Dan Franciscus 15 Jan 2019

Regardless of whether you prefer ESXCLI or PowerCLI, learning to manage firewalls via the command line can save you time when making changes to firewalls on multiple hosts. Read More