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Expanding the boundaries of the digital workplace

07 Jan 2019

We look at the steps enterprises can take to implement a secure perimeterless digital workplace Read More

Choosing the best OS: Linux server vs. Windows Server

By Brien Posey 28 Nov 2018

When determining the best server OS for a data center, you have Windows Server and multiple Linux options. For both, you'll want to look at vendor support, cost and functionality. Read More

Microsoft acquisition of FSLogix to help push cloud desktops

By Eddie Lockhart 20 Nov 2018

FSLogix can help Microsoft solve problems that have plagued the integration of Office 365 and virtual desktops, and it will immediately benefit the new Windows Virtual Desktop. Read More

More thoughts on Windows Virtual Desktop: It’ll be useful for partners, and yes, it should be free!

By Jack Madden 25 Sep 2018

But will Microsoft *ever* allow other uses of multi-user Windows 10? And RDSH has to be on its way out, right? Read More

Learn about the leading EHR software products and their features

By Reda Chouffani 01 Nov 2018

Read in-depth about leading EHR tools on the market and how their capabilities, pricing and implementation offerings and mobile features can match up with organization needs. Read More

Formjacking dominates web-related data breaches

By Warwick Ashford 15 Aug 2019

Formjacking has become one of the most popular data stealing methods, say researchers, who urge commercial websites to review all third-party coding practices without delay Read More

How to enable Hyper-V Storage QoS and VMware SIOC

By Brien Posey 12 Apr 2019

Storage QoS prevents a VM from consuming excessive storage IOPS, but the methods for enabling the feature vary from Microsoft to VMware environments. Read More

Friday Notebook, April 12: Citrix Casting; Fleetsmith; Addigy; and more on Google Cloud Next 2019

By Jack Madden 12 Apr 2019

Also: More on Oktane 2019; Citrix SD-WAN on GCP; Microsoft’s power play; and more. Read More

Win10 WSUS Gets Smaller Downloads

By Ed Tittel 28 Sep 2018

Thanks to limiting update downloads to 64-bit only for commercial users of WSUS and SCCM, Win10 WSUS gets smaller downloads (as much as 40% smaller). Read More

Fit iOS development tools into your app dev approach

By Matthew David 08 Jul 2019

There are pros and cons to going full bore into iOS development tools. Find out if developing natively in iOS is worth the extra cost and effort. Read More