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Hyper-convergence forms core of Windows Server 2019 features

By Jonathan Hassell 16 Nov 2018

The latest server OS release from Microsoft upgrades many of its software-defined features to make it easier to use a hybrid cloud model. Read More

Lightbits Labs launches TCP-based NVMe-over-fabrics storage

By Garry Kranz 12 Mar 2019

The NVM Express consortium finalized the specs for NVMe-over-TCP fabrics in November. Lightbits Labs' launch features software-defined storage, an appliance and an accelerator card. Read More

5 Microsoft Azure managed services to grow your channel business

By John Moore 28 Mar 2019

Andy Syrewicze, a former MSP engineer and current Microsoft MVP, detailed five Azure solutions that service providers can offer their clients. The packages run from the simple to the visionary. Read More

IoT botnets reach new threshold in Q2 of 2019

By Anthony Giandomenico 14 Aug 2019

Defending against the rising number and increasing sophistication of IoT botnet attacks isn't an easy task. Learn about the latest threats and the techniques to mitigate them. Read More

Teradici unveiled “PCoIP Ultra.” How is it different from PCoIP and where does it fit in the market?

By Rachel Berry 01 Jul 2019

Teradici have evolved a lot in the last few years, but as in the past, they have an emphasis on high-end use cases. Now they’re bringing in support for H.264, and NVIDIA hardware encoding, too. Read More

How do buffer overflow attacks work?

28 May 2019

Buffer overflow attacks are simple exploits that can give an attacker control over a program or process. Learn how these attacks work and how to make sure they don't happen to you. Read More

What are the Windows Defender management tools?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 03 Jul 2018

If you're using Windows Defender AV to protect your company, it's imperative to configure the malware protection properly. This tip lays out the management options for admins. Read More

How to use Kerberos and Credential manager for Windows single sign-on

By Tony Bradley 01 Jul 2009

Windows administrators can avoid the expense of third-party single sign-on software and use Windows Kerberos in Windows Server 2003 and Credential Manager in Windows XP and Vista for client-side SSO. Read More

Vista SP2 RC On Its Way

By Ed Tittel 27 Feb 2009

On Wednesday, February 25, Brandon LeBlanc, Windows Communications Manager for the Windows Client Communications Team, posted information to The Windows Blog to announce the Release Candidate (RC) ... Read More

Workers shifting away from desktops in search for flexibility

By Simon Quicke 15 Jan 2019

Pressure on the humble desktop continues with LaptopsDirect.co.uk charting its decline in the workplace Read More