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Friday Notebook, January 11: Citrix Summit 2019 from an outside perspective

By Jack Madden 11 Jan 2019

Also: Stratodesk and ThinPrint; ClearCube; Cisco; benchmarking audio; how to block sideloaded apps; G Suite accounts; Samsung; OneLogin; and more! Read More

Integrating VMC on AWS with Horizon 7 leads to new use cases

By Rob Bastiaansen 23 Jan 2019

Take advantage of Horizon 7 with VMC on AWS for a better hybrid cloud user experience, new use cases, and several different options for installation, deployment and integration. Read More

The blogging tools I use to keep up with the EUC industry

By Jack Madden 18 Jul 2019

Hopefully you’ll find some value in these blogging tools Read More

APAC SMEs still hanging on to older PCs

By Aaron Tan 04 Oct 2018

A majority of small and medium-sized business in Asia-Pacific are still using PCs older than four years out of cost and application compatibility concerns Read More

How Windows 10 certificates create a chain of trust

By Robert Sheldon 20 Nov 2018

Certificates in Windows 10 create a chain of trust that confirms the identity of the user accessing corporate resources and ensures that she is doing so over a trusted connection. Read More

Citrix Workspace Hub: Labor of love; not a full-fledged thin client option

By Kyle Johnson 08 Oct 2018

Not designed to be an actual competitor, but remains a good, low-cost option. Read More

What is Microsoft 365?

By Kyle Johnson 06 Jun 2018

Still not sure you understand Microsoft’s mega bundle? We’ll learn together. Read More

The top enterprise mobility management resources

By Jack Madden 27 Dec 2018

Want to get started in enterprise mobility? Trying to answer a question? Start with this curated list! Read More

Could Microsoft’s new MSIX packaging format be the long-sought key to managing Win32 apps with MDM?

By Jack Madden 04 Apr 2018

MSIX aims to finally wrangle Win32 apps into submission, potentially making emerging technologies like co-management redundant. Read More

Survey the desktop and application virtualization market

By Robert Sheldon 10 Apr 2018

Organizations want the flexibility to deliver virtual desktops and applications from the same platform. Learn about the products that can do both for your enterprise. Read More