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The essential enterprise mobility management (EMM) resources, version 1912

By Jack Madden 12 Dec 2019

Now with updated resources for iOS 13, macOS 10.15, and Android 10. Read More

Combine Puppet and Chocolatey to drive Windows DevOps

By Dan Franciscus 19 Jul 2019

Through the use of Puppet and Chocolatey side by side, Windows IT professionals can use Linux-like DevOps tools to automate the deployment and configuration of their systems. Read More

RDP Cannot Do Everything

By Ed Tittel 14 Oct 2019

While it's handy for working on remote PCs, RDP cannot do everything -- particularly where devices, drivers, peripherals and some applications are concerned. Read More

Was ‘bring your own computer’ (BYOC / BYOPC) ever really a thing?

By Jack Madden 10 Oct 2019

BYOD arrived out of necessity, but BYO laptop was always trickier. Fortunately, supporting diverse endpoints (i.e., issuing corporate Macs) is easier now. Read More

A quick look at deviceTRUST, a simple conditional access tool for virtual desktop environments

By Jack Madden 15 Jul 2019

deviceTRUST rides entirely on top of your existing desktop virtualization environment and is configured via Group Policy, so it can be used without any additional infrastructure at all. Read More

Amazon SNS vs. other push notification services

By George Lawton 05 Nov 2019

It can be difficult for developers to enable push notifications across platforms. These messaging services from AWS, Google and Microsoft meet that need but have different strengths. Read More

How to automate patch management in Windows

By Adam Bertram 29 Aug 2019

Automating Windows updates with PowerShell will ease some of the labor associated with the routine patch deployment process. Read More

How to fix 5 common printing problems in Windows 10

By Brien Posey 24 Sep 2019

Printing problems in Windows 10 are fairly common and can be a nuisance for IT admins. Here are five issues you may run into and how to troubleshoot them. Read More

How to upgrade from VCSA 6.5 to 6.7 -- both online and off

By Vladan Seget 11 Nov 2019

Use the online VCSA management interface, VAMI, or an ISO file from VMware to get started with your online or offline VCSA upgrade. Read More