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1909 Gets Generic Keys

By Ed Tittel 22 Nov 2019

1909 gets generic keys for all versions: these are helpful during installation because they allow it to proceed to completion without requiring activation (or a valid Windows 10 key). Read More

Learn to set up and use PowerShell SSH remoting

By Richard Siddaway 05 Sep 2019

Remoting over SSH in PowerShell Core has some advantages over the traditional Windows PowerShell remoting method, but it will require a fair amount of manual configuration work. Read More

How Windows Admin Center stacks up to other management tools

By Jonathan Hassell 29 Aug 2019

Microsoft is putting a lot of resources into this relatively new tool to manage Windows systems, but is it ready for prime time when compared with more seasoned offerings? Read More

Discover details on unified endpoint management

By Gary Olsen 18 Jul 2019

With the prevalence of mobile devices in the enterprise, companies need solid technology to manage them. UEM tools consolidate all endpoints together to ensure they are secure. Read More

Choosing between an SSL/TLS VPN vs. IPsec VPN

By Lisa Phifer, John Burke 08 Oct 2019

Infosec pros need to know the ins and outs of SSL/TLS VPNs vs. IPsec VPNs to better understand which product's features will fulfill the needs of their organization. Get help comparing here. Read More

Make the case for UEM tools with these compelling uses

By Gary Olsen 31 Jul 2019

Unified endpoint management provides companies with a single platform to oversee multiple devices. Learn more about the cost, productivity and overall business benefits. Read More

DaaS providers faced with new delivery option

By Robert Sheldon 25 Mar 2019

Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop ups the ante on DaaS with multisession Windows 10 desktops. Increased competition could encourage other DaaS providers to innovate. Read More

Softcat, Dell and HP pointing to a decent 2020

By Simon Quicke 27 Nov 2019

In a flurry of results the indications are that 2020 is looking solid and the current drivers in the market will continue Read More

Managing NetApp CIFS shares with PowerShell

By Dan Franciscus 10 May 2019

NetApp provides a feature-rich PowerShell module to manage CIFS shares. Find out how it works, as well as how to set up a new share and establish permissions. Read More

The future of PowerShell begins to sharpen in focus

By Tom Walat 27 Sep 2019

PowerShell's promise as a cross-platform management tool has come a long way, but much work still needs to be done for both Linux and Windows admins to pick up adoption. Read More