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I talked to a real-world Samsung DeX pilot customer, the Chula Vista Police Department

By Jack Madden 25 Apr 2019

It’s taken a while to get here, but DeX is solving a lot of problems for CVPD in one fell swoop. It’s all about having the right use case! Read More

Client virtualization, part 2: How client VMs have evolved into current offerings

By Rachel Berry 19 Feb 2019

Vendors and open-source projects alike are using the benefits of client virtualization, while fixing some of the flaws. Read More

What’s new with printing for Windows Virtual Desktop

By Bas van Kaam 09 May 2019

Bas van Kaam looks at how it works, and how third-party vendors are addressing WVD, including Tricerat and ThinPrint. Read More

IT Priorities 2019: IT professionals plan a big push to migrate off Windows 7

By Cliff Saran 18 Feb 2019

With the clock ticking to Windows 7 end of support, more than half of the IT professionals who took part in a survey have a Windows 10 migration as their top IT project this year Read More

10 steps to troubleshoot enterprise wireless connection problems

By Lisa Phifer ,Lee Badman 13 Aug 2019

When troubleshooting wireless network issues, several scenarios can emerge. But valuable end-user insights can help network administrators root out problems. Read More

The 2019 VDI Like a Pro EUC survey is out!

By Jack Madden 21 Aug 2019

Results: Citrix’s on-premises products are still dominant but showing smaller market share; DaaS is still anyone’s race. Read More

Microsoft’s modern desktop management

By Tim Anderson 03 Jun 2019

How cloud services make the critical business of keeping Windows 10 patched and up to date easier for administrators Read More

VDI reimagined

By Cliff Saran 09 May 2019

A demo at this week’s .Next conference in Anaheim gave a snapshot of how far modern VDI has come. Virtual desktops  should not be considered just as an option for users who only require low ... Read More

VMworld 2019 Preview: The questions we’re asking, the context, and where to find us

By Jack Madden 19 Aug 2019

How will VMware capture more of the Windows 10 management market? What is VMware’s new DaaS offer? How will the relationship with Microsoft be? Read More

Windows Compatibility module expands PowerShell Core reach

By Richard Siddaway 29 Apr 2019

The PowerShell team closed the cmdlet coverage gap with a compatibility module release for PowerShell Core, but its use requires some caution. Read More