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How to save FSLogix profile containers to Azure Blob Storage

By Chris Twiest 01 Aug 2019

FSLogix profiles are a great way to take full advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop. IT can save time and money with this step-by-step process to save FSLogix profile containers to Azure Blob Storage. Read More

Using the Sysinternals Sysmon tool to check DNS queries

By Dan Franciscus 26 Aug 2019

A recent update to the Sysinternals Sysmon utility adds DNS query logging to give deeper insights into the connections made by your Windows machines. Read More

ERP evolution sees major shifts in holistic view of business

By David Essex 24 Oct 2019

Implementers and users recall the late 1990s move off mainframes and the rise of SaaS and monolithic suites. Plus, ERP founders Hasso Plattner of SAP and Evan Goldberg of NetSuite share their insights. Read More

8 vendors who offer enterprise mobile devices and tablets in 2019

By Mary E. Shacklett 04 Oct 2019

Discover eight leading providers who sell both tablets and smartphones for business workers. Their offerings are diverse, and some are more enterprise-oriented than others. Read More

Microsoft plugs 4 zero-day exploits for June Patch Tuesday

By Tom Walat 12 Jun 2019

Despite multiple warnings from Microsoft, the threat of the BlueKeep RDP vulnerability to unpatched Windows systems continues to loom following its May Patch Tuesday disclosure. Read More

Horizon Services for Multi-Cloud finally shows the future of VMware’s broker strategy

By Jack Madden 06 Sep 2019

Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud will be under the new control plane. We also look at Horizon and WVD, and Horizon DaaS on VMware Cloud on AWS. Read More

Consider VDI alternatives to major VDI vendors

By Robert Sheldon 07 May 2019

VDI options from smaller vendors can help organizations simplify and save money on implementation. Here are three cost-saving VDI alternatives to major vendors. Read More

Does an Azure cloud migration make sense for your workloads?

By Jonathan Hassell 27 Jun 2019

While you can't move all of your Windows Server workloads into the Azure cloud and turn off your local server closet, you can get much closer than ever. Read More

How to use Windows Admin Center to manage Windows 10

By Dan Franciscus 03 Jun 2019

Windows Admin Center started as a Windows Server tool, but it can manage Windows 10 desktops too. Learn which features can help with Windows 10 management. Read More

How to navigate a sea of UEM vendors

By Gary Olsen 05 Apr 2019

The UEM market is relatively new and, therefore, confusing to navigate. But, with an analysis of what's out there, IT can begin to understand which product is the best fit. Read More